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June 2000

16 Jun, 2000 12:00 Press Release

IBM/Lotus and Telenor launch IntraWAP: Intranet on your mobile phone

Helsinki/Oslo: On Friday, Telenor, IBM Norway and Lotus presented IntraWAP – a solution that enables employees to have direct access to the companys intranet via their own mobile WAP phones. The project is the first of its kind to be launched worldwide.

13 Jun, 2000 12:00 Press Release

Telenor enters into agreement to acquire 53,50 percent of SONOFON

Oslo/Copenhagen: Telenor of Norway has entered into an agreement to acquire 53.50 percent of the shares in SONOFON, the second largest mobile operator in Denmark with approximately 900,000 mobile subscriptions. The investment will amount to approximately DKK 13.1 billion, equivalent to approximately USD 1.7 billion.

May 2000

29 May, 2000 12:00 Press Release

Telenor launches Pakistani TV channel in Europe

The Pakistani TV channel Prime TV will be commercially launched in Europe on May 29th 2000. The channel will be encrypted and is available for TV-viewers in Europe. Prime TV is part of the ColourSat concept, marketed by Telenor.

25 May, 2000 12:00 Press Release

Kon-Tiki Museum and Telenor : 2000 No Barriers Research Scholarship

Telenor and the Kon-Tiki Museums “No Barriers” research scholarship will be awarded this year to Dr.Jonathan Ames Friedman, Professor of Social Anthropology, Social Anthropology Department, Lund University, Sweden, and to Dr. Edvard Hviding, Associate Professor of Social Anthropology, Institute of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen.

25 May, 2000 12:00 Press Release

Telenor offers lowest rates to mobile phones

Telenor announces an offensive price guarantee for its fixed line customers: — Our customers will enjoy the lowest prices available when they call from their home phone to a mobile phone, says Telenor Privats Director of Information, Ole Tom Nomeland. This price guarantee applies to calls to Telenor Mobils subscribers.

24 May, 2000 12:00 Press Release

Telenor awarded satellite contract in Morocco

Telenor has been awarded one of three licences to establish a satellite network in Morocco. The network will provide complete communication solutions both domestically and internationally for businesses in Morocco. Telenor is planning to invest approximately NOK 25 million in licences and infrastructure in Morocco this year.

15 May, 2000 12:00 Press Release

Nextra launches voice over IP for business customers in Norway

May 11, Oslo, Norway – Nextra, one of Europes fastest growing business-related communications service providers, today announced the launch of its Norwegian voice-over IP service which will allow the companys corporate clients to cash in on lower price voice calls via data networks and reduce overall network administration costs.

15 May, 2000 12:00 Press Release

Telenor enters into agreement to acquire up to 30% in Thailands second largest mobile operator

Telenor AS of Norway today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire up to a 30% stake in Total Access Communication Public Company Limited (“TAC”) and up to a 24.9% stake in TACs parent company, United Communication Industry Public Company Limited (“UCOM”), a major telecommunications group in Thailand. The investment will eventually amount to approximately US$720 million.

9 May, 2000 12:00 Press Release

Good 1st quarter for Telenor

The Telenor Groups operating profit for the 1st quarter of 2000 was NOK 1,166 million. Compared to the same period in 1999, this represents an increase of NOK 364 million, of which NOK 352 comes from net gains from the sale of operations. Compared to the 1st quarter of 1999, the growth in turnover was just over 10 per cent. Adjusted for gains from sales, growth in turnover was approx. 6 per cent. The Groups pre-tax profit for the 1st quarter was NOK 908 million, an increase of NOK 387 million compared to the same period last year.

9 May, 2000 12:00 Press Release

Telenor celebrates quick IPO start

Not for distribution in the United States, Canada, Australia or Japan

The Norwegian government has submitted a bill to Parliament recommending the partial privatisation of Telenor scheduled to take place from this autumn.