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October 2003

8 Oct, 2003 12:40 Press Release

Settlement with WR Com Enterprises Ltd.

Telenor has made a settlement with WR Com Enterprises Ltd, a Cypriot company. Under the terms of the settlement, Telenor will pay to WR Com Enterprises EUR 33,6 million.

1 Oct, 2003 09:07 Press Release

Telenor Mobil in new European “Mobile Alliance”

Nine leading independent mobile operators today announced the formation of the Mobile Alliance to provide seamless, enhanced voice and data solutions for business and consumer customers across Europe. Amena (Spain), O2 (Germany, UK and Ireland), One (Austria), Pannon GSM (Hungary), sunrise (Switzerland), Telenor Mobil (Norway) and Wind (Italy) yesterday signed a formal agreement in Munich, Germany.

September 2003

12 Sep, 2003 14:06 Press Release

Song Networks, Telenor Mobil Settlement

Song Networks AS and Telenor Mobil AS have settled out of court in the case of a market support agreement between Telenor Mobil and Telenor Bedrift. The settlement means that Telenor Mobil will pay Song Networks NOK 8 million as a full and final settlement for the compensation Song has sought for the years 1999 and 2000.

4 Sep, 2003 11:43 Press Release

Telenor’s Research Award 2003 goes to Dr. Haakon Bryhni

Telenor’s Nordic research prize of NOK 250,000 has been awarded to Dr. Haakon Bryhni of Birdstep Technology ASA. He is awarded the prize for his research within the Mobile IP standard and for his contribution to the development of seamless communication across different technologies. Kristin Clemet, the Minister for Education and Research, introduced the winner at a research seminar at Fornebu on Thursday.

2 Sep, 2003 07:00 Press Release

Telenor Fights Spam

30-40 per cent of all emails received by Telenor customers are classified as spam. Telenor now addresses this problem at all levels – locally and globally, legally and technically – developing better spam filters and cooperating with the key players in this area.

1 Sep, 2003 15:19 Press Release

Telenor Mobil increases GSM coverage along the Norwegian coast

Telenor Mobil intends to significantly increase the GSM coverage along the Norwegian coast. In many places signals will extend four times as far from land as today. The development will be concluded before the decommissioning of the NMT-450 service on December 31, 2004.

August 2003

28 Aug, 2003 16:56 Press Release

VimpelCom press releases

Please be adviced of three press relases issued by the Russian mobile company VimpelCom, where Telenor is a share holder.

22 Aug, 2003 13:07 Press Release

Telenor gives free MMS in September and October too

Oslo, August 22nd, 2003: Sending picture messages on a mobile phone (MMS) will be free of charge for Telenor Mobil’s customers in September and October too. The MMS use has undergone an explosive growth during the summer and Telenor Mobil want more of their customers to be able to try out the service for some time free of charge.

20 Aug, 2003 08:43 Press Release

Telenor to sell Comincom and Combellga for a 19.5% stake in Golden Telecom

MOSCOW, OSLO Telenor announced today that it has signed a Share Exchange Agreement with Golden Telecom, Inc. under which Golden Telecom, Inc. will receive 100% of the shares of OAO Comincom and its wholly-owned subsidiary, OAO Combellga, in exchange for 19.5% of Golden Telecom Inc., calculated on a post-acquisition basis. The transaction will make Comincom and Combellga wholly owned subsidiaries of Golden Telecom, Inc. Based on the current share price for Golden Telecom, Telenor’s stake is equivalent to approximately US$220 million.

July 2003

31 Jul, 2003 09:34 Press Release

Telenor enters into agreement with Coop Norge AS

Telenor and Coop Norge AS have entered into a framework agreement of a two-year duration. The agreement involves supply of a complete communications solution for fixed telephony, mobile telephony and data communications to Coop Norge AS and its co-operative societies, including Coop’s chain of shops. The agreement has a total value of approximately NOK 60 million.