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April 2004

14 Apr, 2004 12:30 Press Release

Telenor acquires GSM licence in Pakistan

Telenor has won the auction in Islamabad for one of two new nationwide licences in Pakistan for mobile operation.

1 Apr, 2004 11:07 Press Release

The Starmap Mobile Alliance adds Denmark to its footprint, signs SONOFON

The Starmap Mobile Alliance today announces the immediate accession of SONOFON A/S. The alliance now consists of ten leading independent operators providing seamless mobile voice and data services to over 46 million subscribers.

March 2004

26 Mar, 2004 11:19 Press Release

New CEO in Pannon GSM

Ove Fredheim will take on the position as CEO of Hungarian mobile operator Pannon GSM from 1st. of April 2004. Fredheim will take over after Klaus Holgaard Rasmussen who will be pursuing his career as CEO in the International fashion company, IC Companys A/S in Denmark.

26 Mar, 2004 08:24 Press Release

Telenor and EDB enter into an agreement for increased growth and profitability in the Nordic region

Telenor and EDB Business Partner have entered into one of the largest IT agreements in the Nordic region. The agreement involves Telenor transferring an extended responsibility for the operation of IT systems to EDB. In addition EDB will take over operational responsibility for Telenor’s external customers in this area. The agreement runs for seven years and will significantly increase the companies’ competitiveness. For EDB the agreement is expected to be worth NOK 5.3 billion. In addition EDB will sell the bulk of its Telekom business area to Accenture for NOK 400 million. At the same time, Telenor has entered into a cooperation agreement with Accenture regarding the purchase of application services. For Telenor these agreements will over time yield annual cost reductions of approximately NOK 250 – 350 million.

25 Mar, 2004 12:30 Press Release

Jørgen Lindegaard steps down as Chairman of the Board for SONOFON

Jørgen Lindegaard has stepped down as chairman of the Board of Directors for SONOFON Holding A/S, a position he has held since 1996.

18 Mar, 2004 11:24 Press Release

Telenor to launch traffic warning for telephony customers

: Telenor introduces TrafficWarning for its telephony customers in the business market. TrafficWarning gives customers added security that phone bills do not run wild as a result of errors or unwarranted use.

16 Mar, 2004 13:58 Press Release

Telenor to launch simpler and improved ADSL products

: Increased speeds and unrestricted use are the key elements of Telenor’s new ADSL portfolio, effective from 19 March. In addition to focusing on security and entertainment, Telenor makes it even easier to install ADSL.

1 Mar, 2004 15:58 Press Release

Mobile-recycling benefits charity

From today on, every single second-hand mobile phone handed in to one of Telenor Mobil’s 800 dealer outlets across Norway will generate NOK 50 to Plan Norge. The new arrangement is the result of the cooperation between Telenor Mobil, the handset distributor Dangaard Telecom Norway and the children’s rights organisation Plan Norge.

1 Mar, 2004 15:49 Press Release

Telenor Mobil reduces SMS prices once again

Telenor Mobil is following up on last year’s price reductions by once again lowering the price of text messages for prepaid customers. The cost of an SMS for prepaid (RingKontant) customers has gone down from NOK 1 to NOK 0.79. Djuice Kontant (djuice prepaid) customers will enjoy a reduction from NOK 0.89 to NOK 0.79. The new tariffs commence on March 1.

February 2004

27 Feb, 2004 10:11 Press Release

Name change for Telenor Avidi

Norway’s biggest cable television operator Avidi has changed its name to Canal Digital Kabel TV, a logical move now Telenor Avidi has become a division of Canal Digital Norge.