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July 2004

9 Jul, 2004 12:03 Press Release

Flat rate for all

Canal Digital Kabel TV will adjust its prices to individual customers as at 1 November 2004, making the new standard rate NOK 167 per month. Under the new pricing system individual customers will see a price increase in cable-TV services, some will see a decrease and for yet others, the price will remain the same.

7 Jul, 2004 11:10 Press Release

AGA enters into Nordic telephony agreement with Telenor

AGA/Linde Group has chosen Telenor and Elisa to be total suppliers of telephony services to the company’s operations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

1 Jul, 2004 10:52 Press Release

SpareBank 1 and Telenor in agreement for complete telephony solution

The Norwegian bank SpareBank 1 and Telenor have entered into an agreement for full supplies of telephony services, worth between NOK 130-150 million over three years. Additional to services and products from Telenor, the agreement also involves a collaboration relating to efficiency improvements of telecommunications services, which will result in considerable cost-savings for SpareBank 1.

June 2004

29 Jun, 2004 11:15 Press Release

Summer offer from Telenor: top up for NOK 500 – call and send SMS worth NOK 1000

Telenor Mobil’s prepaid customers are offered double call time this summer. Customers making a NOK 500 top-up during the months of July and August will receive NOK 1000 worth of usage.

21 Jun, 2004 14:39 Press Release

Telenor announces new CEO for Pakistani operation

Mr. Tore Johnsen, present CEO of the mobile company DiGi in Malaysia, has accepted an offer to take on the position as CEO of Telenor’s new mobile operation in Pakistan. DiGi’s Board of Directors has appointed Morten Lundal as the company’s new CEO, effective from July 26th 2004. Telenor holds an ownership stake of 61 per cent in DiGi.

20 Jun, 2004 15:00 Press Release

Telenor and ARINC Introduce a Breakthrough: Mobile Phone Service for Airline Passengers

ARINC Incorporated and Telenor ASA will soon market new technology to allow airline passengers to use personal mobile phones aboard commercial flights. The companies formed an alliance in 2003 and this week revealed their plans at the Inmarsat Conference in Montreal, Canada.

10 Jun, 2004 10:27 Press Release

New mobile subscription enables free use of SMS

: Telenor Mobil is launching a new subscription – djuice nonstop – where by paying a fixed monthly fee you may send an unlimited number of SMS’s every month.

9 Jun, 2004 14:30 Press Release

Telenor on the EDGE

Telenor is upgrading the GSM network with the so-called EDGE technology. This will enable the company to offer its mobile customers even better quality, increased capacity and larger bandwidth in the existing GSM network. With EDGE the data transfer rate will be three times what is possible with today’s GSM.

8 Jun, 2004 16:16 Press Release

Telenor simplifies price system on calls from abroad

Telenor Mobil introduces a simplified price system on calls to Norway from abroad. Telenor’s customers will from now on have only three prices to relate to: one for the Nordic area, one for Western Europe and one for Eastern Europe. The changes imply a total price reduction for Telenor Mobil’s customers of NOK 20 million on an annual basis.

3 Jun, 2004 09:04 Press Release

Telenor to reduce mobile tariffs again

Telenor will again reduce the monthly charge on the mobile telephony subscription plan Privat +. Effective from 1 June, the monthly charge will be reduced to NOK 129.