Nine rules for safer roads

Telenor Group is sharing with all our employees, supply chain workers and customers these nine crucial road safety tips: Telenor Road Rules. The info contained in this online driver safety course could help keep you, your colleagues, and your loved ones safer on the road. Watch, learn, share.

Written: Nov 2016

In Asia, road-related accidents are among the leading causes of on-the-job injuries and deaths, especially in the working age groups of 15-44. Telenor Group’s footprint in Asia covers six markets, tens of thousands of employees, hundreds of thousands of supply chain workers and more than 200 million customers, and we are constantly on the go. With such large numbers of people working for and with us, and with an extensive network spreading over huge areas of land, we hold major stakes in everyone’s safety.

As our markets grow rapidly, traffic and road related safety is an increasing concern, so we are sharing what we think are fundamental, vital rules of the road – for drivers, passengers and pedestrians.

Telenor encourages all to watch, learn and share these messages and the driver safety video course here: