5 apps to help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions

Ok, so many of our best New Year’s intentions fall by the wayside before February hits. It doesn’t have to be that way. These 5 apps can help you keep all the focus with less fuss.

Written: Dec 2016

1. Cook: Kitchen Stories (Free)

If you’ve had enough fast-food dinners in 2016, here’s a chance to take 2017 in a more culinary direction. The mainstay of Kitchen Stories is, not surprisingly, cooking. Recipes are easy to follow and usually feature a video guide. They’re voted on, too, by giving hearts, so you can tell which ones are popular.

Along with recipes, the app features a How To section with video tips on the very basics like ‘How to cut an onion’ and ‘How to cook pasta’. Happy cooking!

2. Engage: SDGs in Action (Free)

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals aren’t just a number: they’re a way of changing the world. Within the app, you can dig deeper into the individual goals, choose the ones that mean most to you, and find events or actions close to you where you can engage and support them.

You can even start an ‘action’ in your area and invite people to join you.

3. Train: Run Social (Free)

Quiraing mountains sunset at Isle of Skye, Scottish highlands, United Kingdom
Running on a treadmill isn’t always as stimulating as we might like. Where are the views, the changing scenery, the trees, flowers, weather? Relax, Run Social are on it. Pick a route (you can choose locations from arid Death Valley in California to verdant Scottish Highlands) and choose to run alone or with friends.

If you find yourself feeling super sociable, try creating a Public event, and meet new people to hit the trails with.

4. Meditate: Headspace (Free)

Blocking the sunset on a perfect afternoon
Fact: sometimes we all need a break. Meditation certainly isn’t a new idea, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be updated for our often manic 21st Century lives. Headspace (‘Think of it like a gym membership for your mind’) provides a myriad of tools to help us find some tranquility around topics such as anxiety and relationships.

In a really nice touch, if you buy a subscription with them, they’ll donate a free subscription to someone in urgent need.

5. Learn: Duolingo (Free)

Middle aged couple lying on the beach making a toast, Ibiza
Estimates suggest that there are approximately 6,500 languages in the world. Even with the best intentions, though, few of us master more than one. Duolingo is a chance to change that and feed your brain with a new language.

All the info lives in the app and the languages offered are impressively broad, including the standard ones such as Spanish, French and Italian, as well as more unusual options such as Irish, Turkish and even Esperanto.