How to talk to your kids about the internet

A first for Telenor Group’s markets – our guidebook on how to talk to kids about the internet, written for parents by parents – is now rolling out on a large scale across Asia. To date, the book has been published in partnership with UNICEF and CyberSAFE and is available for download in four languages. Because being a digital service provider is about #MorethanConnectivity. It’s about keeping families safe in the digital world.

Written: Nov 2015

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Sudhir from India and Nitipong from Thailand are both fathers of two hyper-connected millennial kids who have multiple phones and tablets in the household. They both worry about being able to monitor their heavy internet usage, online shopping – and at this age, gaming in particular.

Uzma is a mother of two teenagers in Bangladesh who believes that open communication with her children about the internet is the greatest tool in keeping them safe, informed and resilient as they become active on social networks.

In Myanmar, Wai Yan and Arkar are millennials themselves and reflect on how much the internet has evolved – even since they began using it just a few years ago – and how they think youth will be more receptive to parents’ words of caution when online.


Millions more like them

These are just snapshots of a few stories from across Telenor Group’s fastest growing internet markets in Asia. Millions more families face similar or even tougher challenges. In the majority of cases, both the parents and their children are experiencing the internet for the first time in their lives, but without the prior know-how or ability to filter out the good content from the bad, the real from the fraudulent.

This is why Telenor Group and our business units in Asia have published a first for our industry in Asia – A Parents Guide: How to talk to your kids about the internet. The first edition of this guidebook is intended as a starting point. Its goal is to get newly digital families talking and asking questions about how to best fit the internet into their children’s lives in a safe and enriching way.


Widespread rollout in Asia with UNICEF and CyberSAFE

To date, the book has been co-published with the local chapters of UNICEF in Bangladesh and Malaysia. In Bangladesh, it has so far reached 500 schools, and thousands of teachers and families in nationwide distribution efforts on part of both Grameenphone and UNICEF Bangladesh. Similar efforts – through outreach to communities and Safe Internet workshops are being led by our Malaysian operations, Digi, in partnership with CyberSAFE Malaysia and UNICEF Malaysia. The book is now available in five languages, including English, Bengali, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin and Burmese.

“More than half a billion kids in developing Asia will be connecting to the rest of the world in the coming years – via devices no bigger than the palms of their hands. With instant access to information, people and cultures, they have everything to gain,” says Ola Jo Tandre, Director of Social Responsibility at Telenor Group.

“But it’s our collective responsibility to provide them and their parents the tools to stay safe while exploring this new world. This book is one of the many initiatives we are driving to make this happen.”

Safe book

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