Telenor partners with Microsoft to secure customers’ digital memories

Call it a world premiere: for the first time two of Microsoft’s digital services are being offered to private customers as part of their mobile subscription. In this way, Telenor helps its customers in Denmark to easily manage and store their digital memories.

Written: Oct 2014

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Niels Soelberg, CEO Microsoft Denmark and Marek Slacik, CEO Telenor Denmark announced the partnership

Every other Dane (47 per cent) has experienced loss of digital pictures, videos, music or documents due to lack of backup. At the same time, every third one (33 per cent) was not to be able to access documents, because they didn’t have Office applications on their smartphones and tablets.

“Most people still save their pictures and documents locally on different devices. This entails a risk of losing the digital memories, if the smartphones, tablet PC’s or external hard drives break or get stolen. Many people experience it as inconvenient, expensive or both to get going with an online backup. Now we’re making it easy by making Office 365 and OneDrive part of our subscriptions,” says Marek Slacik.

Microsoft office 365 Home and the storage solution Microsoft OneDrive, will be bundled in Telenor’s Fri+ Familie subscriptions. This is the first time in the world that the two strong digital solutions are included in the mobile subscription for private customers.

Storage for everyone

In addition, all Telenor private customers in Denmark, both existing and the new ones , are now getting  100GB storage and backup in their phone subscription free of charge. Business customers, ‘old’ and new ones, are getting OneDrive with 1 TB data storage.

“All too often we see that the new, exciting stuff is used to cajole new customers, while existing customers have to pay extra through many years.  We do it differently. All of our more than 600,000 private customers will be offered to upgrade to OneDrive – and to Office 365, if they are using our family price plan,” says CEO of Telenor Denmark, Marek Slacik.

World premiere in digital partnership

Microsoft 365 and OneDrive make up a strong platform for document sharing and for storing and sharing pictures and other digital memories. For the first time worldwide the two digital services are part of a mobile subscription for private customers.

“A year back, Office was a software solution that you bought in a shop. Today, Office is something completely different – it’s a service you subscribe to, like with a mobile subscription. To us, partnership with Telenor was an obvious way of helping families to co-ordinate, share experiences and be more productive in their everyday life. This partnership is a world premiere, and I admire Telenor’s innovative approach to creating value for the customers,” says Niels Soelberg, CEO, Microsoft Denmark.

The  STORM at the Danish market continues

Danish telco customers want better network, better service and more simplicity. With these three brutal truths as a starting point, Telenor launched its ambitious STORM plan in March this year, with a string of new initiatives aiming at showing new sides of telco’s capabilities.

STORM 1.0 and 2.0 brought  Denmark’s strongest network, 24/7 customer service, SIM cards with free data and various new smartphone service concepts.  STORM 3.0, revealed today, is about making it easy and hassle-free for the customers to create and co-operate, store documents, pictures and other digital memories.