GP calls on customers to “Go Beyond”

In January this year, Grameenphone launched its new brand concept “Go Beyond” or “Cholo Bohudur”. Building on a partnership with the Special Olympics team, the concept is now getting wide spread recognition.

Written: Jul 2013

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When the “Go beyond” concept was launched it was in the form of a big shout out to all the people of Bangladesh to move beyond their limitations, using mobile connectivity to enrich their lives as well as society at large. In a country like Bangladesh, the ever increasing use of mobile phones has proven critical for economic and societal progress, and Grameenphone’s ambition is to be perceived as a partner in making the country move ahead. Now, the operator is taking it one step further, by recognizing real life people who have brought their lives beyond what anyone thought was possible.

– Following our guiding mission to move Bangladesh ahead, we want to showcase individuals who have proven themselves willing and capable of going beyond their limitations towards achieving their dreams. Our sponsorship of the Special Olympics team was a natural starting point and from the impact we’ve seen so far, we are certain that this is the right way to bring out our message to the market, said Allan Bonke, CMO of Grameenphone.

The first in a series of TV commercials shows Shewli Shathi who was born with a mental disability preventing her from walking until she was 15 years old. Despite facing extreme hardships, she proved her determination and courage and practiced walking and running for years. Defying all odds she went ahead and participated in Special Olympics and has consequently won a number of medals in running, badminton and bocce.

– We need role models and we need inspiration for taking new steps. We know that our customers, as well as the nation at large, are eager for progress and through this campaign we want to show our commitment to reaching new heights. The Bangladeshi Special Olympics team has had great success recently, which of course adds to the excitement, said Allan Bonke.

Sheuli’s story has received international coverage through stories in BBC, China Daily, and Indian Express.

A second TV commercial has been launched consecutively, depicting one of the pioneers of Bangladeshi cycling (see below). Also, as part of the drive, GP is asking people to share their Go Beyond stories, which will then be made part of the campaign. Complementary campaigns on network, internet and other products will be launched in sequence to highlight the deliveries from GP in strengthening the message.

Go Beyond videos

View the TV commercials here: