dtac wins ICT awards 2011

dtac gets credit for its mobile application helping farmers gaining valuable agricultural information and for its recycling programme “Mobile Battery for Life”.

Written: Jun 2012

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dtac could proudly pick up two awards at the “ICT Excellence Award 2011” ceremony recently. This is the fourth consecutive year that dtac is granted with the award handed out by the Thailand Management Association. This year, the dtac programme “Do Good Deeds Every Day” was awarded in two categories for the “Farmer Information” mobile application and for its continuous improvements of the recycling programme “Mobile Battery for Life”.

*1677 developed into a Mobile Application

The “*1677 Farmer Information Superhighway” is a service where Thai farmers can access useful information on agricultural developments by receiving daily SMSes on their mobile phones. This service has recently been extended with a “Farmer Information” application available on iPhone and iPad.

The application offers up-to-date agricultural information such as comparing product prices at the major markets in Bangkok. This enables farmers and consumers to keep track of the market development and to make the right buying and selling decision at the right time. The application aims to pave the way for online marketing or e-commerce in the future.

The Farmer Information application won the reward in the category of “Business Enabler Project”.

Continuous improvements of recycling programme

The second award in the category ICT for CSR (Information and Communications Technology for Corporate Social Responsibility), went to the improvements of the recycling programme “Mobile Battery for Life”. The programme encourages everyone to drop their old mobile phones and old mobile equipment in the battery boxes provided by dtac for environmentally-friendly recycling and disposal process. dtac is the only telecom service provider in Thailand having a recycling campaign continuously for several years.

The extended benefit of the campaign is that from every 5,000 pieces of old mobile phones and old mobile equipment that is collected, dtac will subsidize with a cow; and for every 10,000 pieces collected, dtac will subsidize with a buffalo. The cows and buffaloes that are saved from being slaughtered will support farmers in the *1677 Farmer Information Superhighway network. This way the extended concept of Mobile Battery for Life enables the two projects to have mutual benefits.

“We are really honored to receive these awards and will continue working with responsible initiatives that can bring the benefits of information and telecommunication technologies to the society as a whole,“ said Perapong Klinla-or, Head of Corporate Responsibility in dtac.

The ICT Excellence Awards

The ICT Excellence Awards has been handed out by Thailand Management Association since 2008. The purpose is to remunerate and support organizations with outstanding information and communication technology initiatives, to encourage continuous development in Thailand.  The jury consist of committees from leading companies in Thailand.

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