DiGi to offer Opera Mini data packages

Telenor’s Malaysian operator, DiGi, recently announced its cooperation with Opera Software to launch a new Internet “click-to-go” service for customers.

Written: Nov 2012

Reading Time: 2 minutes

DiGi is on a mission to provide Internet for all, and aims to make it easy for everyone to enjoy a better mobile Internet experience. The company recently unveiled its new DiGiLive Web Pass, a new mobile Internet offering that offers small and low cost data packages.

“This collaboration with Opera Software will help us build a stronger connection with our customers in Malaysia, where the majority of people are still using basic feature phones. The DiGiLive Web Pass will give them a taste of the convenience and ease of a mobile Internet lifestyle,” said Praveen Rajan, Head of Products for Internet for DiGi.

Part of Telenor’s Mobile Internet Asia project

Due to the success of DiGiLive Web Pass with Opera, this type of collaboration has become a part of the Mobile Internet Asia (MIA) project that is currently underway in Telenor Digital Services. The goal of MIA is to spread the use of the Internet in Telenor’s Asian markets, and DiGi’s Web Pass is one example of how that can be done.

“The Web Pass project in DiGi helps us better understand how we can leverage our digital touch points to increase sales of our core products: data and voice packages. Utilizing Opera Mini as a sales channel for data packages is especially interesting since it is in a relevant context – customers can buy data packages while they are already online,” says Anders Morthen, VP Internet Products & Innovation, Telenor Digital Services.

Web Pass targets casual Facebook users

DiGiLive Web Pass primarily targets casual Facebook users who do not subscribe to data plans, but seek flexible options for accessing their accounts from mobile devices. Customers can choose from four different packages — 1-Day Internet, 1-Hour Internet, 1-Day Facebook and 1-Hour Facebook.

“Our primary strategy has been to ensure customers have a positive and good mobile internet experience regardless of which mobile platform or mobile phone they are using. Customers now have more affordable options to choose from with the introduction of our DiGiLive Web Pass,” said Praveen Rajan.