Telenor’s Open Mind Integration programme

Opening the door to employment for immigrants in Norway

Written: Mar 2012

Telenor launched the Open Mind Integration programme this April, in cooperation with the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV) and the Directorate of Integration and Diversity (IMDI). This programme aims to provide work experience to non-European immigrants in Norway. Five candidates are now participating in job training at Telenor for the next year.

New Immigrants often face challenges when trying to secure employment in a new country, but through Telenor’s Open Mind program, their prospects for the future are changing.

“Telenor Open Mind Integration is a way of showing social responsibility”, says Mina Khairalomoum, Programme Co-ordinator, Telenor.

Without experience, no job – without a job, no experience

Poor language skills and attitudes among potential employers are common barriers to the employment of immigrants. However, the major obstacle for immigrants seeking employment is that they require relevant experience to get the job, but as they are unable to secure a job, they are unable to get the right kind of work experience.

“What we can offer to the candidates, is to break this vicious circle”, says Khairalomoum.

“Understanding people’s needs is in the core of how we work, not only when we are creating relevant telecommunication services, but also when we strive to contribute to the positive change in all the societies where we operate.”

Based on the Open Mind programme

The Open Mind Integration programme is based on Telenor’s Open Mind programme. Open Mind has been successful in providing job training for physically disabled people. After completing Open Mind, three out of four physically disabled people have been offered permanent jobs at Telenor or elsewhere. This Norwegian-based programme has already been introduced in Sweden, Malaysia and Denmark.

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