Telenor Sweden launches 4G

Telenor Sweden is first within the Telenor Group to offer 4G services to customers.

Written: Nov 2010

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Telenor Sweden’s 4G service is being launched under the brand names Telenor and Bredbandsbolaget. The 4G service will be initially available in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmo and Karlskrona. In 2011, 100 locations will have 4G and the network is expected to be fully deployed by 2013.

“This is an important milestone in the expansion of Sweden’s most modern network. We should be proud of what we have accomplished in the short time since we presented our network cooperation with Tele2 last spring. Now, we continue to challenge Telia on the Swedish market,” said Lars-Ņke Norling, CEO of Telenor Sweden.

Initially, users can expect speeds of 20-40 Mbps, and with particularly favorable conditions they can reach speeds of 80 Mbps The modems operate on both the 4G and 3G networks, allowing users to have a good, mobile connectivity beyond the 4G network.

“This is just one step on the journey, now we continue with a high rate of expansion in order to launch in another 100 cities over the next year. We are adding another important piece to offer flexible solutions for our customers,” said Lars-Åke Norling.