Keeping you connected to what matters most

To all our customers and partners,

In the midst of the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are experiencing, in many cases, the complete upheaval of our daily lives. We are all navigating new ways of educating our children, running businesses, maintaining critical societal functions, all while trying to ensure the health and welfare of those around us. For Telenor, it is our commitment and responsibility to support you, your business and society at-large. Keeping you connected to what matters most and empowering societies is our purpose, and it’s never been more relevant than in the situation we face today.

Our connectivity services throughout our nine markets are critical for functioning societies. In many countries, children are streaming sessions with their teachers, doctors are seeing patients online, businesses run remotely, and many are simultaneously turning to the web for interaction and entertainment as our neighbourhood locales close their doors. That’s why we are dedicated to maintain our service levels to the best of our ability – across all of our markets.

We are:

  • Actively monitoring the situation, securing our networks and increasing our efforts to meet the needs of our customers
  • Dedicating people and resources to an internal global coordination body to ensure that we are in constant dialogue on how COVID-19 is impacting our employees, our business and services, and most importantly your lives and connectivity
  • Using video conferences and digital solutions as the default for many of our meetings, and directing employees to work from home on a more regular basis, while providing strict guidance to our critical resources out in the field to take necessary precautions

This is top of mind and the most important items on our agenda. All of us have to work together in the face of this considerable challenge, and Telenor is committed to doing our part.

During this challenging time, we also continue to develop across all our regions. That’s why we earlier this week announced the merging of our two clusters in Asia into one single, strong new unit. We did this to strengthen our presence in Asia, extract the potential across all Asian markets, seize new opportunities for growth and to set the scene for giving you as a customer or partner an even better Telenor experience.

We are dedicated to supporting you as a private customer and you as an enterprise customer, in providing solutions to support your personal needs as well as your business continuity. We are also grateful to our supplier network, as they continue to operate during difficult times.

Please reach out to your local Telenor company if you have questions. We will continue to update and issue announcements with relevant information and helpful guidance.

Best regards,

Sigve Brekke, President & CEO, Telenor Group