Telenor marks two more 5G milestones in the Nordics

Telenor readies Elverum’s first base station for 5G in Norway while Denmark sees the activation of the country’s first 5G pilot mast.

Published: 4 July 2019 10:58

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The 5G future moved closer to reality for customers in Norway and Denmark this week, as Telenor noted milestones in both countries.

In Norway, Telenor announced that it has readied the first base-station in the municipality of Elverum for 5G. Setting out plans for the replacement of existing base stations there, Telenor Norway’s Chief Technology Officer, Ingeborg Øfsthus, said, “We are working on a gradual replacement of base stations in Elverum city centre. Our goal is to activate the 5G pilot already in August, and to provide access to the pilot customers in September.”

Ingeborg Ofthus

In March of this year, Telenor opened up for interested residents to become test users for 5G in Elverum. The process of choosing pilot users for the project is expected to be finalised after the summer break. Commenting on the interest in the pilot project Øfsthus said, “There has been huge interest in testing 5G and we’re grateful to all those who have been in contact. Both private customers and local businesses have shown a curiosity far beyond our expectations.”

Ultimately, as Elverum’s mayor noted, many of the municipality’s residents will benefit from the increased speed and stability of 5G. “This new technology opens up a lot of exciting solutions,” commented Acting Mayor of Elverum, Arnfinn Uthus, “and we’re now considering how we can use 5G to offer even better services to our community.”

Telenor Denmark activates country’s first 5G mast

Over 500km south of Elverum, in the city of Aalborg, a team from Telenor Denmark gathered around a smartphone bearing – for the first time in the country’s history – the 5G standard symbol. The team had just activated the country’s first ever 5G mast which will form the focus of a pilot intended to test the quality and capacity of 5G technology.

While acknowledging the experience gained from Norwegian colleagues, CEO of Telenor Denmark, Jesper Hansen said: “I am looking forward to exploring what 5G technology can do and how our customers get the best out of the new technology.”

Ultimately, Hansen expects the Aalborg pilot to help his team learn more about the technology and “how it plays with our established network, so we are sure that the quality and performance are good enough before we test in our network.”

Also taking a keen interest in the results of the pilot will be the Danish Chamber of Commerce. “5G opens up completely new digitization opportunities, which is why it is important that we create the best framework conditions for Telenor and the other telecom operators, who will invest in the coming years in the rollout of the technology that would act as a catalyst for digitization of Denmark,” said Brian Mikkelsen, CEO of the Danish Chamber of Commerce. A particular focus of the pilot will be the performance of high-speed internet for a range of customers including households, small businesses, Internet of Things and robot services.

Facts about the 5G mast

  • The mast is 25-meter-tall and located at Telenor premises in Aalborg, Denmark.
  • The 5G equipment on the mast is delivered from NOKIA. The equipment consists of roughly two parts – an antenna communicating with the mobile phone and a switchboard connecting the signal from the antenna to the internet.
  • The 5G mast is currently running at a sample frequency of 3,500 MHz, which can be used for high speed broadband with speeds up to 1 Gbit/S.

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