Telenor at Mobile World Congress 2019

Next week sees companies, leaders, legislators and influencers from around the world gather in Barcelona, Spain, for the 11th Mobile World Congress (#MWC19). The overarching theme of the event is Intelligent Connectivity.

Published: 21 February 2019 13:33

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Mobile World Congress is the primary meeting arena for everyone engaged in connecting and digitalising the world. As an international telecoms company with present in Scandinavia and Asia, this arena is important for Telenor Group to engage and collaborate with, partners, businesses and authorities from markets in which we operate as well as those outside our footprint.

A Perfect Storm

“We’re facing a perfect storm of 5G, IoT and AI, and the digital communications industry remains at the heart of this development,” says Sigve Brekke, President & CEO of Telenor Group. “To ensure we’re able to continue connecting our customers to what matters most to them, we need to engage with business and innovation partners, as well as governments, organisations and other stakeholders across our markets. Data is already central to everything we do and it makes issues of trust and responsibility all the more important. I’m looking forward to discussing some of these issues in Barcelona.”

The Telenor Group CEO is also a Board member of the GSMA and also the incoming Chair of the GSMA Foundation Board.

Telenor’s key themes during #MWC19

5G | As the hype and expectation around 5G’s potential continue to build, what are the more practical challenges in implementing it? From policy frameworks and infrastructural considerations to addressing the economic sustainability of the technology, 5G’s rollout will be both an exciting and challenging milestone for the industry.

AI | The age of AI is no longer expected: it has arrived. With it come critical considerations concerning its ethical development and application. As public scrutiny of the technology increases, civic infrastructure must now rise to meet the idiosyncrasies of autonomous technology, with appropriate regulation and strong ethics set firmly at its core.

Data | In the past ten years, international data flows have increased global GDP by 10.1%. The ability to move data across borders can positively benefit individuals, economies and governments. Balancing the easy flow of this data with the protection of privacy rules and public trust remains a delicate yet essential debate. And what of healthcare? Here is an industry innovating the application of data to quite literally save lives. But who owns the data, and how is it being used safely and responsibly? The future of global health depends on the answers.

The Workforce of the Future | Artificial intelligence and robotics have become headline boogeymen for the global workforce. The future, however, will depend just as much on people as it will on technology. Human intuition, empathy and problem solving will be the inherent skills equipping technology with the tools to solve critical questions and provide essential value. The workforce of the future will thrive on agile mind-sets, creativity and disruptive thinking.

Telenor’s Confirmed Speakers at #MWC19

(L-R) Ieva Martinkenaite, Sigve Brekke, Gunn Wærsted, Sajid Rahman

Telenor Group will attend several major events as well as host own meetings and events during #MWC19. Below, you can find a list of Telenor’s confirmed speakers at the event.

Telenor’s Press Contact at #MWC19

Hanne Knudsen
Media Relations, Telenor Group
+47 90804015