It’s a first: Telenor Group cedes social media power to five millennials on a mission

(Fornebu, Norway 11 February 2019) Between February and May, five Telenor Youth Forum delegates will take control of Telenor Group’s Facebook and Instagram channels to reach a potential audience of close to 400,000 followers. Their mission? To make the case for reducing inequalities in global health.

Published: 11 February 2019 12:05

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In a first for Telenor Group, Telenor’s social media accounts will be ‘taken over’ by delegates from its Telenor Youth Forum programme. The delegates will share messages through the platforms between February and May. They are currently working on solutions to reduce inequalities in global health,


Coming from Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and Bangladesh, the delegates will use the platform to build awareness about the issues they’re working to tackle. In addition, they will share information around their team’s proposed solutions and illuminate stories from their communities.

Berit Framnes, VP of Engagement of Telenor Group, is the director of the forum. She believes the takeover is a unique opportunity for the delegates to shine more light on their projects.

“On one hand, we have a large social media following of engaged customers, journalists, stakeholders and many others who are interested in developments in our markets and their citizens. On the other, we have some of the smartest, most creative young minds in our markets with a clear mission to reduce inequalities in health. As a result, we thought ‘Why not bring them together and let the Telenor Youth Forum youth speak directly to our audience on this critical cause?’”, she said.


Nang Yin Yin Win Nwe, Myanmar
TEAM CHALLENGE Ensure Clean Water

“I’m very glad that we’re the first team to do the TYF Takeover. I can’t wait to get started!” writes International Business Management graduate, Nang Yin Yin Win Nwe. With experience from participating in numerous water programmes internationally, Nang is interested to “…to hear feedback from people about our solution. PaaniGaar aims to raise concerns about water-related crises faced by rural residents in Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Myanmar.”

Pa Ukaranun
TEAM CHALLENGE Support the Ageing Population

“During our takeover week, you will find out how we came up with the solution to promote inclusion of elderly in society. We’ll also share how the longevity dividend provides a secret boost to the economy.” So says Thai delegate, Thanapa Ukaranun, who will bring insights from her work helping to support elderly in Thailand’s Chiang Mai.

Felicia Yoon, Malaysia
TEAM CHALLENGE Non-communicable Disease

Passionate Malaysian science educator, Felicia Yoon, is keen to share the message that “… mental health is the second highest global burden of non-communicable disease”. She invites followers to “Join us as we share stories about the current mental health situation around the world and help reduce the continuing social stigma.”

Rachel Loh, Malaysia, and Sameen Alam, Bangladesh

Key member of the award-winning social enterprise, Rice Inc., Rachel Loh, along with business prodigy, Sameen Alam, will be the only ‘duo’ during the takeover period. Both are “looking forward to interacting with the diverse Telenor community (yes, that’s you!) to communicate our mission of optimising agriculture through technology to source food ethically and sustainably.”


Over two months, teams will ‘take over’ Telenor’s two social media channels for one week each. They will share information about the scale of their challenges, their solutions and insight into their Telenor Youth Forum experience. Finally, Telenor’s social media followers are warmly encouraged to engage with the delegates by posting comments and questions for the teams.

The first takeover will begin on February 18 and will be run by Nang Yin Yin Nwe from Myanmar.