10 Jul, 2019 14:37 Announcement

Telenor Group to host Q2 results on webcast – separate press meeting at Fornebu

Webcast presentation In connection with the publication of Telenor Group’s financial results, a live stream for analysts, investors and journalists will be held on Tuesday 16 July at 09:00 hrs Norwegian time/CET. The presentation will be broadcast live via webcast only. CEO Sigve Brekke and CFO Jørgen C. Arentz Rostrup will present the results. The […]

10 Jul, 2019 08:30 Announcement

Telenor to launch first 5G pilot in Western Norway

(Flokeneset, 10 July 2019) Telenor today announced that a new 5G pilot will be built at Flokeneset in the municipality of Askvoll. This is the first 5G pilot in Western Norway.

4 Jul, 2019 10:58 Announcement

Telenor marks two more 5G milestones in the Nordics

Telenor readies Elverum’s first base station for 5G in Norway while Denmark sees the activation of the country’s first 5G pilot mast.

26 Jun, 2019 15:08 Announcement

Telenor endorses EU policy and investment recommendations on trustworthy Artificial Intelligence

On the heels of the publication of the European Commission’s Ethical AI Guidelines in April, Telenor is now also endorsing the body’s new policy and investment recommendations for the development of ethical, trustworthy AI.

17 Jun, 2019 09:00 Announcement

Kim Hiorthøy awarded Telenor Culture Prize 2019

(Fornebu, 17 June 2019) Norwegian multidisciplinary artist Kim Hiorthøy has today been awarded Telenor Group’s Culture Prize for 2019. Hiorthøy receives the award for his impressive versatility and originality across artistic forms of expression.

7 Jun, 2019 15:10 Announcement

The way we work is changing fast: Telenor hosts inter-generational debate on the future of the workforce

Telenor Group hosted an inter-industry, inter-generational debate on the future of the global workforce – and discussed where established employers and incoming millennial employees can find common ground.

31 May, 2019 12:27 Announcement

Court decision in Thailand in an industry dispute between TOT and dtac regarding Access Charge (Interconnection)

(Fornebu, 31 May 2019) In Thailand, dtac and some other local mobile operators are involved in an industry dispute with TOT Public Company Limited (TOT) about the calculation of access charge (interconnection) fees to TOT under the access charge agreements. This claim was filed by TOT Plc in 2011 stating that dtac has an obligation […]

28 May, 2019 15:08 Announcement

New mobile solution to reduce inequalities in Myanmar’s rice industry wins Telenor Youth Forum

BANGKOK, 29 May 2019 – Targeting inequalities in the rice supply chain in Asia, the team of youth delegates behind AgriMatch, a mobile application that uses geolocation to connect farmers to middlemen and visa versa, has won the Telenor Youth Forum 2018-2019 cycle and USD 15,000 (NOK 100,000) in seed funding.

16 May, 2019 12:00 Announcement

Telenor ranks fourth in inaugural inclusion in Ranking Digital Rights Index

The 2019 Ranking Digital Rights Corporate Accountability Index has added Telenor to its corporate accountability index, published every two years. In its inaugural year on the index, Telenor has been ranked fourth out of 12 evaluated telecommunications operators.

12 Apr, 2019 10:00 Announcement

Bjørn Ivar Moen appointed as CEO of Canal Digital and Telenor Broadcast

Telenor has appointed Bjørn Ivar Moen as new CEO of Canal Digital and Telenor Broadcast. He will take up his new role as of 1 June.