26 Oct, 2020 13:50 Announcement

Girls ‘take over’ Telenor Group’s Executive Management meeting

(Fornebu/Yangon/Dhaka, 26 October 2020) Three young female voices highlight vital role of technology sector in championing gender equality to Telenor Group’s top executives

20 Oct, 2020 18:07 Announcement

Fornebu to remain Telenor headquarter for 25 years with new property owners

Telenor sells the headquarter office building at Fornebu, Norway to NPRO Holding AS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Norwegian Property ASA. The building will continue to operate as Telenor’s headquarter for the next 25 years.

17 Sep, 2020 09:00 Announcement

Telenor Group divests stake in Malaysian mobile financial services business, Valyou

(Singapore, 17.09.20) Telenor Group has completed the sale of its 100 percent stake in Valyou Sdn. Bhd. (“Valyou”), a wholly-owned mobile financial services provider in Malaysia, to Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd (“Merchantrade”), a fast-growing Malaysian FinTech.

11 Sep, 2020 12:27 Announcement

Three awards for Telenor’s Digital Birth Registration project

The project, designed to provide identity to unregistered Pakistani children, was awarded gold in the Innovative use of Mobile Devices category in addition to two other awards

10 Sep, 2020 11:51 Announcement

Aalborg tops digitalisation index for Nordic municipalities

A new study from Telenor unveils the potential for Nordic municipalities to better facilitate a digital future.

26 Aug, 2020 10:24 Announcement

Senior management salary adjustment to be 0 percent

This year, it has been decided that Group Executive Management and senior management will not receive a salary increase.

3 Jul, 2020 08:08 Announcement

Nordic CEOs to Prime Ministers: These are our sustainability commitments, and this is what we ask of you

(Fornebu, 3 July 2020) The alliance of CEOs from leading Nordic businesses yesterday presented their principles, commitments and asks towards the Nordic Council of Ministers in their joint effort to accelerate sustainability action on climate and diversity.

24 Jun, 2020 09:03 Announcement

AI innovation set to accelerate due to new research powerhouse

Telenor Group and partners will co-fund the new Norwegian centre for researched-based artificial intelligence innovation over the next eight years.

5 Jun, 2020 07:41 Announcement

Bugge Wesseltoft awarded Telenor Culture Prize 2020

(Fornebu, 5 June 2020) The versatile and visionary musician receives the prestigious cultural award for his unique ability to create new links between different genres, cultures, and traditions.

22 Feb, 2020 09:40 Announcement

Grameenphone deposits 10 bn BDT to keep injunction

The Bangladeshi Supreme Court has the 20 February asked Grameenphone to pay a deposit of 10 billion BDT (1 billion NOK) to BTRC, to uphold the stay order previously granted by the High Court. The deposit is part of the ongoing dispute relating to the BTRC Information System Audit of Grameenphone for the period 1997 to 2014. The stay order protects Grameenphone by restraining BTRC from taking any steps towards realisation or enforcement of the audit demand. Grameenphone has accepted the Supreme Court’s decision and will pay the deposit.