Leadership attitude #2 unveiled: Engage yourself and others!

Telenor’s Head of People Development Jon Erik Haug talks about the right attitudes for leaders in Telenor. These leadership attitudes will be unveiled in a series of articles. The second attitude is ENGAGE.

Written: Jun 2014

Reading Time: 2 minutes

By Jon Erik Haug, EVP and Head of People Development, Telenor Group

Leadership Attitude #2: Engage

In Telenor, we need leaders who seek to engage colleagues, both inside and outside the organization. The best leaders spark a winning spirit among the team. They are visible and “walk the talk”. They collaborate for the best of the company, not in it for their own benefit. They care and engage in the development of their people. But leaders should not only be engaging, but also be open to being engaged by others – either by colleagues, customers or even by stories in the news.

Engage with your team

Earlier this year I had the privilege of meeting Uninor’s Narendran KC, the Circle Head of UP West, and team of 20 people managing the circle. Gathered together in a small meeting room I was witness to a true team in every sense of the word. They are a group of people driven by the same goal, bonded in their shared motivation and trust in each other. I could almost taste the energy, the pride and the pure determination filling up that cramped space. It was engagement at its best. The kind of engagement that I want to see in every corner of Telenor.

Engage with your partners. Think win-win.

In Telenor, engagement is also about collaboration, whether it’s with your department, other units in the company or external partners. Grameenphone’s Quazi Mohammad Shahed is a leader who believes that engagement is a journey that you take with your team. His advice is to “break down the silos, go and grab people beyond your own function or even your own business unit and engage. It’s not about us and them; it’s about ‘we’ winning together.”

Engaged employees = happy customers

Telenor’s emphasis on becoming a customer-centric and cost efficient operator requires significant changes in the way we operate. Employee engagement is critical in driving us forward in these areas, and it is something we all need to work on every day. This is why we conduct an employee engagement survey (EES) and work with it throughout the year.

By fostering employee engagement, we are able to set ourselves apart in an increasingly homogenous telecom industry. This key differentiator serves as a solid foundation for being preferred by customers. Engaged employees = happy customers who are willing to recommend Telenor.

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