It’s time to learn #Workfulness

How do you take advantage of the benefits of digital communication and maintain a healthy digital work environment? Telenor Sweden responds with a training programme called Workfulness, developed in co-operation with brain researcher Katarina Gospic.

Written: May 2015

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Being constantly online and connected makes us stressed. Eight out of ten people feel the need to respond immediately to incoming calls, text messages and e-mails during working hours. Just as many say that they get annoyed when their colleagues check mobile phones during the meeting, while seven out of ten admit they do it themselves, according to the results of a Sifo survey recently conducted in Sweden for Telenor. The survey also confirms that majority of people believe that their employer values their ability to multi-task and be available at any time. These results show that some guidelines are needed.

“Our intention is to provide concrete guidance to both policy makers and employees for how to work smarter in a constantly connected work environment,” says Anna Kågström, Content Marketing & Communication Manager in Telenor Sweden. To do this, Telenor has teamed up with brain researcher Katarina Gospic.

Distractions at work make us ineffective. The latest brain research shows that noise can lower our performance by up to 66 percent and that it takes about 25 minutes to regain focus once you’ve been interrupted in your work.

“It is important for employers to be aware of these problems and to do something about them,” says Katarina Gospic, brain researcher (picture to the right with Telenor’s Andreas Kristensson).

There are plenty of technical solutions that enable us to work smarter, to manage absence, presence and forwarding calls. According to Andreas Kristensson, Head of Innovation and Business Development Sales, less than half of the customers in Sweden fully take advantage of these services. The desire to be connected and be available is stronger.

That is why Telenor Sweden has started #Workfulness – to help its customers create a healthy digital work environment.

“We help our customers to connect, but we must also help them to disconnect, go offline and relax. Workfulness is not about using mobile phones or other technology gadgets less, just smarter,” Kristensson concludes.

Workfulness was launched at the end of April. The programme is now included in offers for business customers, while Telenor Sweden prepares to introduce Workfulness internally, for its own employees.

Read more about Workfulness on Telenor Sweden’s web site (in Swedish)