Primary insiders

Trade by primary insiders

The table below shows the primary insiders of Telenor and their shareholdings incl related parties.

Last updated: 4 October 2018

Board of Directors

Name Role Shareholding
Gunn Wærsted Chair of the Board 12 000
Jacob Aqraou Board member 10 000
Jon Erik Reinhardsen Board member 1 500
Sally Davis Board member 0
Harald Stavn Board member (e) 6 667
Sabah Qayyum Board member (e) 335
Roger Rønning Board member (e) 3 517
Grethe Viksaas Board member 0
Jørgen Kildahl Board member 2 000
René Richard Obermann Board member 0
Esben Smistad Deputy board member (e) 0
Irene Vold Deputy board member (e) 4 720
Åse Mathilde Beate Selfjord Deputy board member (e) 338
Hilde Caroline Rossland Deputy board member (e) 0
Jan Otto Eriksen Deputy board member (e) 4 967
(e) = employee elected

Group Executive Management

Name Role Shareholding
Sigve Brekke President and CEO 130 620
Jørgen C. Arentz Rostrup EVP and Chief Financial Officer 11 684
Morten Karlsen Sørby Acting EVP Scandinavia Cluster 93 101
Anne Kvam EVP and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer 0
Ruza Sabanovic EVP and Head of Services and Operations 12 646
Cecilie Blydt Heuch EVP and Chief People Officer 3 084
Petter-Børre Furberg EVP Emerging Asia Cluster 36 446
Svein Henning Kirkeng EVP and Head of Products and Marketing 6 195
Albern Murty EVP Developed Asia Cluster
and CEO of Digi
22 793



Name Role Shareholding
Rita Skjærvik Secretary to the Board 2 942
Knut Giske Group Controller 39 696
Erik Mamelund External auditor   0
Anders Gøbel External auditor 0
Siri Birgitte Bang Berge General Counsel 2 105