Updated: June 2017

Telenor Sweden is a full-scale convergent telecom provider in the Swedish business and consumer markets. Telenor Sweden operates under seven brands (Telenor, Bredbandsbolaget, Glocalnet, Canal Digital Kabel-TV, Open Universe, Ownit and Vimla!) and has two main business units (Business and Consumer). Telenor Sweden’s main legal entities are Telenor Sverige AB, B2 Bredband AB (Bredbandsbolaget), Glocalnet Scandinavia AB (Glocalnet), Canal Digital Kabel-TV AB (in ongoing liquidation) and Ownit Broadband AB. Mobile telephony and mobile broadband is offered on a retail basis to both the business and consumer markets through the Telenor and Vimla! brands. In the consumer market, Bredbandsbolaget provides high-speed fixed-line broadband for internet access, Internet Protocol television (IPTV), telephony, and add-on broadband services. Glocalnet provides DSL broadband and fixed-line telephony and Canal Digital Kabel-TV provides coax-TV (analogue and digital). Ownit provides fibre broadband for internet access, IPTV and telephony. Open Universe is a communication operator in open networks and provides a neutral platform for internet service providers (including Bredbandsbolaget and Ownit). In the business market, Telenor Sweden also offers fixed-line network data communication, telephony, DSL and IP-based communication services.

As at 31 March 2017, Telenor Sweden had 2.649 million mobile subscriptions, 668,000 fixed-line broadband subscriptions, 207,000 fixed-line telephony subscriptions and 464,000 TV subscriptions. As at 31 March 2017 the mobile penetration (SIM cards) and number of inhabitants in Sweden were 146% and 10 million, respectively.