Annual Report 2019

Letter from the CEO

The first Telenor CEO was Carsten Tank Nielsen. He believed strongly in the telegraph as a means to enable and strengthen businesses and connect the young Norwegian nation with the rest of the world. It was his way of empowering the Norwegian society.

It is now 165 years later, and we are still in the business of empowering societies through connectivity. Today we are in the midst of what is probably our largest modernisation effort to date.

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Letter from the Chair

Telenor has a proud history, for more than 165 years, of connecting people and societies. The company has expanded its role in Norway and internationally not only because it has proven capable of handling change, but by embracing change. Going forward the capability to transform will be as pivotal. A fast-moving world requires a fast-moving Telenor. Our industry is facing challenges from disruption and new competitors, as well as increasing customer expectations and regulations. However, technological and economic development unveil new opportunities. Internet is spreading, smartphone ownership is surging and communication technology is democratizing globally.

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For an overview of Telenor’s contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals, download our SDG Impact report here.