Annual Report 2018

Letter from the CEO

Find the rough path. Stay on it.

I welcomed 2019 at a reindeer camp in Malangen in Troms, well north of the Arctic circle. Norway’s extreme geography makes efficient and reliable communication paramount to maintaining a well-functioning modern society. This is true also for the other markets and millions of customers Telenor serves from Svalbard to Borneo.

Our continued exploration and adaptation to changing conditions means we entered our 164th year of operations rigged and prepared for what’s ahead.

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Letter from the Chair

Creating long-term value

The world is moving faster, becoming more transparent – and more connected. Telecom operators play an important role in this development, which no doubt has brought advantages such as new knowledge, new skills and insights to people, enterprises and societies. Such fast-paced, widespread advances also leave us with new challenges to tackle and address.

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