Lifestyle application, free, without any data charges

WowBox is a lifestyle app free to use for the users, no data charges apply. The app is filled with localized content, like trending news, sport updates, in-built games, free music, lifestyle articles, competitions, love testers and much more. Furthermore all users can easily purchase data packs with a simple click. So, WowBox is aiming to be a one-stop-shop where you can find all the internet content you need within one app.

Through WowBox, Telenor can offer a controlled real estate on the device interface, which provides a unique opportunity to manage the customer relationship directly. WowBox has also implemented a loyalty reward scheme for Telenor product purchases made within the App. This draws user attention and therefore allows Telenor to communicate with its customer base directly through the device.

WowBox aims to encourages the use of the internet by teaching and engaging the users through localized contextual content and has an easy interface which constantly focusing on being youth friendly and entertaining, which is adapted in all the marketing activities WowBox is promoting.

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Meet WowBox, a Telenor start-up