About Telektronikk

Telektronikk was the international data and telecommunications journal of the Telenor Group, presenting research, analyses and updates on industry challenges to experts, students and other readers from all over the world. Each issue was dedicated to a specific theme. Telektronikk was discontinued in 2010 after 106 years of publication.


Telektronikk started out in 1904 as “Technical Notes from the Telegraph Administration”. The intention was to “impart knowledge to all personnel of the State Telegraph technical installations” and to “supply the more important news in the areas of telegraphic and telephonic technology.” Since then Telektronikk developed to become a highly modern, widely acclaimed telecom journal with a global readership.

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Telektronikk’s 100th anniversary was celebrated in 2004 with a special issue on Perspectives in Telecommunications.

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