The COVID-19 crisis has unearthed new considerations for infrastructure, employment and privacy. Telenor Research outlines three key predictions that could characterise our new world.


Rethinking society

"On a scale like no other, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated global social and economic change that would otherwise have taken years to realise. Today, we witness countries all over the world taking calculated risks as they ease societal restrictions," says Gorm Andreas Grønnevet, Vice President at Telenor Research.

However, there is no such thing as going back to normal, asserts the VP, who, together with his research team, has identified the three predictions that will shape our new reality.

“The pandemic has shown that necessity is the mother of all innovation," says Grønnevet, who has a PhD in Industrial Organisation from the Norwegian School of Economics.

"It is clear that the pendulum is swinging towards the need for reflection and deeper changes in the way we run our cities, our companies, and our communities. The pandemic is leading us all to think out of the box and accelerate changes in the way we work, the services we deliver to our customers, and the role we play in society. Some of our social and economic behaviours will change, so this is the time for governments and leaders to rethink and assess what should stop, what should start and what needs to be accelerated as we step into a post-coronavirus future.”