Personal Data

About Telenor Research

Within Telenor Group, we routinely engage in a wide range of research activities. Some of our research is aimed at commercial goals: better understanding our market position, taking advantage of new opportunities, and developing new and innovative products and solutions. We also carry out research in cooperation with public agencies and authorities, helping them understand different trends and movements – and helping them achieve tasks of significant public interest. that’s why the ability to carry out research is key to both Telenor’s growth strategy and its vision of empowering societies.

Why and how do we process personal data?

  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced analytics
    • We work with many kinds of customer data—both usage data and demographic data—obtained from business units, and from digital services. The aim is to better understand what succeeds and what fails with our customers – and the goal is to provide better and more personalized services. Machine learning is often critical, both in advancing this understanding, and in guiding efforts to improve services via models.
    • Our “Big data for social good” initiative generates aggregated (hence anonymous) mobility data from Telenor business units, and uses this data to model and understand the interaction of human mobility and major crises, such as epidemics or natural disasters.
  • Digital customer behavior
    • Our principal activity here is the series of Digital Frontrunners surveys. The goal is to understand “frontrunners” – leading, young users of digital services – in all our markets, via thorough and repeated surveys. These surveys cover both usage and attitudes of the frontrunners, and help us to see where the main customer base will be in coming years. For selected surveys we also include all age groups.
  • Business models and organizational solutions for Digital operations
    • In this area, we sometimes gather and use data from our employees. The aim is to hear how the employees experience the functioning of various aspects of the organization, using surveys and HR-databases with general demographic information about employees. We handle this data with the same high level of security and anonymity as that used for customer data. We seek insight into how the organization works – and doesn’t work – with the aim of discovering ways to improve the functioning of the organization so that we are able to achieve strategic goals.
  • Competition and business environment
    • A main focus area here that is data-dependent is the area of pricing. We use both usage and demographic data from business units, and direct surveys of customers, to understand and improve our existing approaches to pricing and bundling services.
  • Start IoT and Telenor-NTNU AI-Lab
    • Telenor is a main sponsor, and Telenor Research is a principal participant, in these two initiatives that contribute to digitalization of Norway. In the AI-Lab infrastructure, anonymized customer data from Telenor may be used in student research work, under co-supervision of Telenor Research. In principle, all types of data are candidates for research collaboration in Start IoT and AI-Lab projects. The same robust data sharing agreements are in place for these activities as are used with any third parties collaborating with, and sharing data with, Telenor Research.

Data sharing

Telenor Research collaborates with world leading international institutions, including Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Research is also conducted through long term collaboration with Norwegian academic partners such as NHH, NTNU, and the University of Oslo. Telenor Research has further extended its portfolio of partnerships into entrepreneurial communities, via participation in the IoT ProtoLab and the AI-Lab.

Our work with these partners is designed to give the same high standard of privacy and anonymity as we maintain for our own in-house research:

  • All direct identifiers are one-way encrypted
  • We insist that the shared data be stored with high security
  • Only a very small number of researchers – each individually approved by Telenor Research – is allowed to access the data
  • These and many other provisions are enforced by strict data sharing agreements with the third parties.


If you have any further questions about how we handle personal data in Telenor Research, or you want to make a complaint, you can get in touch with our privacy office:

Nicholai Pfeiffer, Telenor Group Privacy Officer, e-mail: