The telecommunications industry has during the last years gone through a phase of significant expansion and advancement. Data services and broadband adoption has increased and created new challenges for the industry.

With this expansion and a fast shift in service requirements and availability demands, the need for secure and robust quality services has increased. In addition to these technical challenges, regulatory requirements regarding personal data manifests themselves across borders and across telecom operators. Customers demand and expect telecom operators to handle their personal data securely. Security is more important than ever before.

Security Management

In order to provide secure quality services, we at Telenor focus on and manage information security in a holistic manner, covering our networks, equipment, information systems, people and our interface towards third parties through establishing and maintaining security management in a systematic way.

A security management system is a way to manage risks to our information assets, and to maintain an acceptable level of security risk. This includes managing risks emerging from internal changes in the organization, the rapid changes in technology and in the market segment in which we operate. The security management framework lets us continuously assess ourselves and our implemented measures within security risk, and thus adapting to a continuously changing environment.

We manage security by using a holistic framework covering several areas, such as:

  • Security organization
  • Security risk management
  • Information management
  • Asset management
  • Access management
  • Personnel
  • Incident and crisis management
  • Network configurations
  • Supplier relationships
  • Compliance
  • Physical security
  • Fraud management

Managing security also means managing the business and our provided services. The degree of security measures implemented may change as a result of the changing threat environment, but also as a result of changes in our market. It should be the right amount of security at the right place and time. Managing security through a holistic approach provides us with flexibility and quality of service.

Security in our services means quality of our services

Quality of service is highly dependent on security. Security is concerned with protection of data, completeness of data, and its availability. Lacking protection of data may lead to data leakage and reduced trust in provided confidentiality. Lack of completeness of data may lead to incorrect processing of data and reduced confidence in provided integrity. Lack of availability could mean service outages or denied access to time-critical information.

Telenor is a proven quality provider of telecom services. We strive to ensure business continuity, to protect information in our systems, availability of offered services, and to deserve the confidence from our customers through the way we manage security.