Global IPX

The IP packet eXchange (IPX) is the next generation multi-service private IP network that provides a secure quality based network for IP services and interconnects.

Benefits of connecting to the Telenor Global IPX

Telenor has established a new IP platform which enables us to deliver highest quality IP connectivity over longer distances and to transport voice, signalling and data traffic between operators, with the quality and security levels required in the market.

The Telenor Global IPX Service is provided over the IPX Compliant MPLS/IP Network and includes the basic framework designed by the GSMA which incorporates four main principles;

• Premium quality
• Secure environment
• Flexible for all services
• Cascading payments

Through our IPX network we offer you:

  • One single connection

The Telenor Global IPX enables operators and partners to be connected through one IP connection that allows for an optimized, flexible, secure connection and guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) for voice and mobile services. This is an important shift to help improving Global Roaming Quality for the end customer.

  • Premium quality solution

The Telenor Global IPX solution is a premium quality solution that promises error free delivery of traffic whilst offering the flexibility to apply an appropriate level of QoS as demanded by each different class of service.

  • Converge from TDM to IP

IPX enables mobile operators to converge their voice and signalling services from traditional TDM to IP and will thus take full advantage of the mobile network IP backbone. IPX also makes it possible for multimedia and mobile data traffic to reside on a common IP infrastructure, and to make you ready to take full benefit of any future service that will support you core business and retain your valuable customers.

You can read more about our current service offering under the section “Services” .

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