Global ISDN

Our many years of experience and focus on Quality of Service (QoS) allow us to be a market leader in delivering high quality services to Mobile and Fixed operators around the globe. ISDN enables customers to send data and voice simultaneously using end-to-end digital connectivity.

Benefits of buying Global ISDN from Telenor

The Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) carries data at very high speeds and performs multiple tasks simultaneously. It enables the user to conduct quick file transfers, easily and accurately. Telenor provides ISDN connections to numerous countries both to fixed and mobile destinations.

The ISDN network carries transmission of voice, data and video signals at high speeds and improved quality and CLI. ISDN provides the user full advantage of the high-speed broadband network. ISDN allows complete 64 Kbps per channel transmission speeds to maximize the efficiency of your applications. Use the ISDN channels for internet access, Telecommuting/remote access to corporate computing, video conferencing and small home office data networking.

Buying ISDN from Telenor we can offer you;

  • All routes based on direct routes
  • ¬†High QoS worldwide
  • Dedicated quality management team
  • Carefully selected and tested partners/suppliers
  • 24/7 Fault Management
  • Pro-active fault handling
  • Competitive and stable pricing
  • Up to date numbering plans

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