Global Voice

In today’s ever changing fast paced world, international communication offers so many choices on how we can communicate. But despite all these developments, voice still remains the preferred mode of communication. In the international wholesale market, there is a high demand for quality voice termination.

Benefits of buying high quality voice termination from Telenor

Telenor realize that our customers want a hassle free experience. Our Global Voice service provides high quality termination, competitive pricing and a helpful environment that allows you to focus on the most important thing – namely your customers

Telenor has many years of experience as a voice provider in the vibrant global wholesale market. We have focused on building up a quality conscious environment. Our voice service provides a single connection to transport our customer’s voice traffic to destinations worldwide, with the assurance that the calls will be terminated at highest possible quality.

Telenor provides a simple and reliable service for our quality conscious customers. We offer you:

  • Direct termination to all the Telenor operators
  • High quality termination worldwide

You can access our network through a half circuit interconnection or through our Points of Presence (POP) in Oslo, London, Frankfurt, Budapest, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. We can offer IPX, IP and TDM interconnect.

  • Dedicated service management team

Through extensive monitoring and data analysis we continuously manage quality parameters on your traffic. We have a dedicated service management team that monitors all routes using important KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as:

• Answer Seizures Ratio (ASR)
• Network Effectiveness Ratio (NER)
• Post Gateway Answer Delay (PGAD)
• Average Length of Conversation (ALOC)
• Congestion

  • Assurance that only directs or partners with proven quality will be used
  • Guaranteed CLI transfer to numerous destinations
  • 24/7 & proactive fault management
  •  Up to date numbering plans and support of roaming ranges


To fully benefit from our Voice services portfolio, Telenor can also provide Global Wholesale Voice, delivering quality with an optimized cost base. If you are looking to protect your revenues against bypass, our Global Sim Box Detection service detects fraud and helps to secure revenue and quality of service.

Our premium quality voice service can also be complemented by Global ISDN and Global 3G VideoTelephony.  For International Freephone services, we can offer our Global Freephone service.


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