Global LTE Roaming Exchange

The launch of LTE Networks continues rapidly worldwide as Mobile Operators must address increasing consumer demand for high bandwidth services like multimedia content and applications – anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of connecting to the Telenor Global LTE Roaming Exchange

As communications technology continues to evolve, mobile subscribers expect their mobile handsets and mobile networks to be 4G capable. LTE ensures that future bandwidth requirements are met and mobile operators’ products and capabilities meet subscriber’s future expectations. LTE represents a move to a purely IP based network where Diameter signalling is an essential component for addressing the new market opportunities.

Diameter is an authentication, authorization and accounting protocol for LTE networks and also supports mobile management in the all IP network. LTE user transport is provided over IPX networks.

Telenor understands the complex challenges faced by mobile operators in deploying LTE Roaming, as they incorporate the new Diameter signalling protocol. Such challenges include establishing the IP interconnect, the individual configurations required, managing several connections, the range of Diameter signalling protocols and the requirement to maintain a high mobile data network capacity at all times.

By connection to our Global LTE Roaming Exchange service we can offer you;

  • Access to a continuously increasing on-net and off-net LTE network footprint
  • Global coverage via a single connection
  • Redundant & secure solution
  • Fast deployment through Telenor IPX
  • Performance and Monitoring Portal
  • Advanced online request management tool
  • Gateway to the Telenor Group

Telenor supports the Global Roaming Quality (GRQ) framework of GSMA.

Global LTE Roaming Exchange provides you with high quality service Diameter signalling (Interfaces S6 & S9) and forms a part of our total LTE Roaming product portfolio.

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