Global GSM Roaming Signalling

The ubiquity of mobile technology means that mobile end users expect to be able to use a seamless mobile service wherever they are in the world. These expectations put high demands on the services provided by the mobile operators to their roaming end users, which Global GSM Roaming Signalling can satisfy.

Benefits of connecting to the Telenor Global GSM Roaming network

Through Telenor Global GSM Roaming Signalling you can get access to all GSM mobile operators worldwide and provide your customers with mobile capabilities such as roaming, phone calls, data transfer and messaging. With the STP (Signalling Transfer Point) functionality roaming messages can be exchanged with selected roaming partners. The SCCP (Signalling Connection Control Part) functionality provides Global Title Translation and includes administration of routing information in the international signalling network and continuously updated international number plans. ITU ANSI conversion enables you to set up roaming agreements with ANSI operators.

Accessing our signalling network brings numerous benefits to the mobile operators;

  • Global coverage through a single connection
  • Secure and redundant network and signalling routes

Telenor offers connectivity to any GSM mobile operator connected to the international signalling network. Our SS7 signalling network adheres to international standards and each route in the network is chosen based on strict quality standards, with a high level of redundancy. To secure the quality of the traffic, direct routing is used for a high number of the destinations. The signalling network is monitored 24/7, and the load on the links is carefully controlled to avoid congestion. Our quality commitment is consolidated in the Telenor Global GSM Roaming Signalling Service Level Agreement.

  • High level of quality
  • Web access to major roaming signalling KPIs

The Global Monitoring and Reporting Tool offered by Telenor will enable you to work smarter and more efficiently with your roaming quality, giving you immediate visibility of all major roaming and signalling KPIs via an easy-to-use web-based access. Being proactive and focusing on quality secures roaming revenue and customer satisfaction.

  • Direct signalling links to numerous destinations
  • Advanced SMS filtering platform for blocking spam, spoof and various message types

As an add-on to SCCP services, Telenor also provides advanced SMS filtering with blocking of spam, spoof, GT filtering and interactive reporting.

  • Provisioning Portal for requests
  • Telenor provides extensive experience and supports the Global Roaming Quality (GRQ) framework of GSMA

To fully benefit from an IPX solution, Telenor can also support you with our Global LTE Roaming Exchange service for 4G roaming, to ensure your customers with seamless coverage anytime, anywhere. At the same time we can enable your data roaming traffic to run through our Global GRX platform.

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