Global Data Roaming (GRX)

Having information available at all times is a reality for mobile subscribers. On their mobile phones, they can access variety of mobile applications, email and other data services through 2G, 3G and 4G technology. Mobile operators need to replicate the same experience to their end users when they are roaming. To enable this, the operator needs access to a secure IP network to deliver the mobile data traffic. This is where Telenor can help.

Benefits of using Telenor Global Data Roaming

Telenor Global Data Roaming (GRX) service offers mobile operators a cost efficient IP connection to any mobile operator to empower subscribers to roam seamlessly. Telenor Global Data Roaming acts as a hub for data roaming connections between mobile roaming partners. Based on the operators roaming agreements the setup of the Data Roaming gives immediate IP access to roaming partners connected to the GRX network.

Telenor provides a simple and reliable service for our customers. We offer you:

• Worldwide 2G, 3G and 4G roaming coverage
• Support for CoS and QoS as defined in GSMA IR.34, over S8 interface
• The opportunity to connect directly to Telenor OpCos
• Fully compliant and dedicated IPX network isolated from the public internet
• Fast connection to your roaming partners
• Reduced capital expenditure

Together with the LTE Roaming Exchange service, Data Roaming (over S8 Interface) completes our LTE Roaming product portfolio.

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