Privacy Notice – Telenor Global Services AS

Telenor Global Services AS (Telenor) is the international telecom wholesale carrier within the Telenor Group, working with other international wholesale carriers, mobile network operators (MNO), virtual mobile network operators (MVNO), OTT players and calling card operators to deliver international wholesale services (Signaling, Voice, SMS and Roaming). When you call, SMS, surf and roam internationally, you are utilizing the international network of Telenor.
Simply said, we deliver your international phone calls, SMS and data usage in cooperation with your local telecommunications service provider.

Understanding our Privacy Position

We value your privacy and take protection of your personal information very seriously. Therefore it is important for us that you understand, how we collect data and process your personal information.

This privacy notice will provide information regarding the processing of personal information and how and when we gather information about you. This privacy notice will also explain what personal information we gather and how we process it. We will also explain your rights in regards to your personal information and how you can exercise your rights.

This notice should be read in connection to the service conditions for the applicable service you use.

Key Privacy Principles

Our position on privacy can be summarized as follows:

  • We are open about how we collect and use your personal data.
  • We are committed to using your personal data to provide you with better and more relevant services.
  • We always take steps to ensure that we keep your personal information safe and secure.
  • We believe that all users of our services should enjoy the same standards of privacy protection. This is why we apply our key privacy principles in every country in which we operate, even if the local law sets lower standards of privacy protection. No matter where in the world we collect personal information about you, we will process it in accordance with the following key principles:
  1. We will process your personal information in accordance with this privacy notice and any applicable laws.
  2. We will tell you what personal information we collect about you, as well as why and how we collect and process it. There will be no surprises.
  3. We will only process your personal information on a lawful basis and only for as long as it is necessary to achieve the relevant purposes or for as long as we are otherwise required by applicable law to retain it.
  4. We will respect the privacy rights that you have under applicable law, including your right to access the personal information that we hold about you.
  5. We will implement appropriate security measures to keep your personal information safe and secure.
  6. We will take steps to ensure that your personal information is adequately protected no matter where in the world we process it. We will ensure that the appropriate security measures are in place no matter where in the world we process the data.

How do we collect your personal information – What do we do?

We collect your personal data in two ways:

  1. We collect information automatically from the network when you use our services
  2. We receive information from your local telecommunications service provider

What kind of personal data we typically collect

  • A-number (calling number)
  • B-number (receiving number)
  • Time-stamp
  • Duration
  • Location update

International Signaling Data

Telenor processes signaling data from the originating calling “home” network to the called “terminating” network. Signaling is a process used to set up a connection in a telephone network and for authentication.

International Voice and SMS

When you make an international call or SMS a record is created. This record is called a Call Detail Record (CDR). Telenor processes Call Detail Records (CDR) which are used for invoicing and they are generated from the signaling data and are based on the use of the service. These CDR’s are saved for maximum 12 months depending on the interval for invoicing.


Roaming is the ability to use you mobile phones or other mobile devices outside the geographical coverage area provided by your normal network operator.

When you travel abroad and use your phone or laptop whilst on a foreign (“visited”) network, this is known as international roaming. There are three types of services offered:

  1. Sending and receiving calls
  2. Sending and receiving SMS text messages whilst roaming abroad is called SMS roaming
  3. Data roaming refers to the use of mobile data services whilst abroad.

What personal data is collected when you roam? When you arrive in a foreign country and switch on your phone, a request is sent allowing you access to the local network (“visited” network) in that country. “Does this customer “your (IMSI) number” have permission to roam?” If the answer from the home network is yes, then the visited network allows you access to their network. The visiting network then shares the CDR’s with your home operator so that you can be invoiced for your usage.

Cookies uses cookies to measure the traffic on our site. A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the hard disk by a web page server. Cookies contain information that can later be read by a web server in the domain that issued the cookie to you. Our cookies do not contain information that can identify persons, and the last digits in the IP address are removed to anonymise users.

Legal Basis for processing

Telenor bases its data processing activities on Article 6 no. 1 b) GDPR, the performance of a contract. Telenor delivers the international services of your local telecommunications service provider and therewith partly performs the contract between you and your local telecommunications service provider.

In all aspects of international wholesale services, Telenor hereby acts as Data Controller.

Categories of recipients and countries of transfer

Telenor delivers international wholesale services to other international wholesale carriers, mobile network operators (MNO), virtual mobile network operators (MVNO), OTT players and calling card operators around the world.

Where we store, share and process your personal data outside of EU/EEA we contractually oblige our partners to apply a sufficient level of security in accordance with European Data Protection Laws.

Data Subject Rights

Telenor takes privacy rights very seriously, and we therefore offer the rights to access and information to you, whose data we collect and process.

The right to information is served by this privacy notice which contains all relevant information that you need to know about Telenor’s data processing activities.

Where you want to execute your right to access, you can request access to the information processed by Telenor Global Services AS about you via the e-mail address:

You also have the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.

Contact details   

Telenor Global Services AS
Snarøyveien 30
1360 Fornebu, Norway

You can also contact our Data Protection Officer under:

Business Customer’s Employees

If you are an employee working for one of our business customers we typically log your activities when you log on to our customer portals.

We therewith collect your e-mail address/username and your log-data based on legitimate interest as a legal basis. Our legitimate interest in collecting your log-data is to secure and control access to the (personal) data being kept in the system.

Leaving your e-mail address with us is safe

If you, as an employee of one of our business customer, have chosen to receive news from Telenor by e-mail and register your e-mail address with us, Telenor does not utilize this information for any other purpose than that intended. You may end your subscription at any time and unsubscribe at We do not sell or spread this personal information to third parties.