Firefox developers invade Fornebu

160 participants. 3+ devices each. And one stabile network. It was an intense and inspiring week for Firefox developers who visited Fornebu.

Written: Sep 2013

Reading Time: < 1 minute

Telenor is contributing to the development of Firefox OS smartphones, expected to launch at the end of this year. Not only does this contribute to the Group’s Internet for all ambition, but it will also enable us to easily add on digital services to the phones, such as direct operator billing, financial services and other cutting edge communications services rolling out of Telenor’s innovation hub.

“We have a strategy that aims to enable our customers to use the internet. Firefox OS gives us this opportunity by enabling us to provide a fantastic customer journey,” says Rolv-Erik Spilling, EVP and Head of Telenor Digital at the event.

The Telenor-hosted Firefox OS work week at Fornebu turned out to be quite a success – appropriately timed to coincide with Norwegian-made international hit “The Fox” from Ylvis. The organizers behind the event waited in suspense to see how the network would perform, with the 160 participants with their 3-5 internet connected devices.

“Our main challenge was to ensure that the network stayed stable throughout the week, which it did, and getting people to leave when the light went out at night,” says a satisfied Ingrid Ødegaard, one of the main organizers behind the event at Telenor Digital.

The almost hackathon-like event intrigued many Fornebu-employees who took the time to stop by during the week. Check out this film that gives you a peek into an intense and inspiring week, and interviews with Rolv-Erik Spilling, Ingrid Ødegaard, and Andreas Gal, VP engineering for mobile at Mozilla. Learn more about what these 160 developers were actually up to during the week.