Download our Anti-Corruption “App”

It is easy to think of corruption as an issue that only happens to “other people.” When we think about corruption, we imagine shady characters in dingy hotels and suitcases full of cash. The reality is that corruption isn’t ever quite as Hollywood as we’d think and is more often a great deal more destructive than we’d expect.

Written: Jun 2014

Reading Time: < 1 minute

As Telenor grows rapidly across the world, an ongoing challenge we face in our markets is corruption. All of us can experience challenging situations when it comes to corruption and bribery. To avoid being either a victim or a source of corruption, we are all obliged, as employees of the Telenor Group, to understand the basics of corruption and live by our ethical guidelines.

Telenor has developed the Anti-Corruption Handbook to help us understand the basic mechanics of corruption and how we should act every day. This year, we are making it available as an “app” for our smartphones or tablets (you can also download it to your laptop).

For Telenor, anti-corruption is not simply a legal obligation or an ethical standpoint. Corruption is a threat to business and societies around the world. It undermines legitimate business activities, distorts competition and destroys lives. It ruins reputations and exposes all of us to risks. We have zero tolerance on corruption and we are committed to doing business in accordance with the highest ethical standards.

Telenor urges each and every one to remember these three anti-corruption keys:

  1. Telenor has zero tolerance on corruption
  2. We are all responsible every day
  3. We are transparent and seek guidance when in doubt