Don’t let germs hitch a ride on your phone

We have a friend in our cell phone. Through it, we stay updated and it enables us to work remotely, thus helping to reduce transmission of bacteria and viruses. However, if we don’t take certain safety measures, our phones could pose a threat.

Written: Mar 2020

Reading Time: < 1 minute

“The cell phone’s surface is something we touch a lot. Personally, I use my phone very much, pulling it out of my pocket almost every minute. Considering all the surfaces I touch with my hands, and how many times I touch my phone, it could potentially be an effective virus transmitter,” says Zahid Naeem, Senior Business Developer in eHealth at Telenor Group and a former surgeon with a PhD in epidemiology from the University of Oslo.

He recommends everyone to take three specific precautions to make sure their phones do not serve as transportation vehicle for germs.

1. Wash your hands, and don’t be touchy:

“The most important thing is to regularly wash your hands with soap and warm water. Try not to touch your nose, mouth and eyes too often, and try to touch fewer thing in general. This also goes for your phone.”

2. Keep your phone to yourself:

“Don’t let other people touch your phone, since this is an equipment we often put next to our mouth. It is not wise to let people touch anything that is going to be so close to you.”

3. Treat your phone some quality hygiene time:

“I recommend to regularly wipe your phone clean with a disinfectant. I do not recommend washing it with soapy water, but a damped cloth to wipe it off is a good thing.”