Digitizing Digi

Meet Digi’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Haroon Bhatti, and find out how – and why – he’s leading the company on a digitization journey.

Written: May 2017

Haroon, we hear a lot of buzz about the digital workspace – what is it really?

Fast, adaptive, mobile first culture that encourages everyday innovation, every day.

It’s about focusing on building employee experiences that mirror how, as consumers, we use our smart devices and digital services to enable how we live, work, play and everything in between.

This is important given our ambition to be our customers’ favourite partner in their digital lives so we each understand how creating cool, engaging digital experiences for our customers is critical to our success and makes perfect sense in building a long-term future for ourselves.

And where this came from was us realizing that our employees were savvy digital users in their daily lives but were living in the 90s when it came to workplace processes and environment – so here’s a way we’re supporting Digizens through the digital transformation and living the digital age. We’ve brought this to life by creating an environment that represents how real life is today – a fast, adaptive, mobile first culture that encourages everyday innovation, every day.

For outsiders it can seem that digital workspace means bean bags and ping pong tables. Does it?

When people talk about workspaces, it’s generally about the aesthetics of the building and the environment, and perhaps the philosophy behind how the workspace is laid out, for example, open working environments or even being able to work mobile is already a given.
There were a few key things we’ve done to make this shift in the way we work.

First: creating and subscribing to a slew of mobile apps Digizens can use to perform everyday tasks like tapping to gain access/exit from D’House, paying for meals at the cafes and HR tasks on-the-go, such as engaging hires throughout the onboarding process, before and after Day 1, claims, travel requisitions, live chat with HR services, to mention a few.

Second: we’ve reinvented the way Digizens learn. This insight comes from the way we now intuitively ‘Google it’ for everything we need – bite-sized learning on-the-go, anytime anywhere. We’ve completely ‘killed’ classroom learning except for a few leadership programmes and launched three different platforms which works for the range of learning needs to build a richer, digital talent pipeline for the business as well.

Thirdly: we’ve also looked at how this learning can be translated into actual, individual impact in terms of employee innovation and the results are very encouraging! We’re seeing many ideas, innovations in processes, prototypes and possible business ventures coming through our newly established innovation platforms – Disrupt@Digi idea hackathon, monthly idea pitching forum Beta Labs, discovery and exploratory Maker Lab – in addition to the Telenor’s Ingite programme.

Did you know?  Digizens on average have completed 13.2 hours of training. 98 have enrolled for a six months nanodegree on Udacity, where five have graduated having undergone on average of 72.4 online learning hours per nanodegree. And these numbers are growing.

What’s your vision here? When is it perfect?

There’s so much opportunity to do more: more cloud-based working tools, increased use of video, storage and collaboration tools, perhaps even IoT solutions into the office environment to name a few.

The journey never ends, learning is lifelong and change is a constant. Our vision is for Digi to continue living out our DNA in being able to adapt ahead of every curve.

We have a long history of innovation, and if we continue putting ourselves in our customers shoes in terms of digital living, we’ll then continue to adapt – it’s really about everyday innovation, every day.

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