Including the Physically Challenged

Telenor Open Mind is a job training programme offering people with physical disabilities or mental health challenges a unique chance for employment. Result: After completing the programme, 50% are offered permanent jobs at Telenor or elsewhere.

Telenor Open Mind in Norway

  • is a training programme for physically challenged people and other health-related problems
  • offers 2 months of computer training and courses
  • includes 10 months of work experience and training
  • admits candidates 2 times a year
  • seeks candidates with diverse educational backgrounds
  • motivation and the desire to work is the most important criteria
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Telenor has enabled various people with physical disabilities, hearing or visual impairment, and mental health related challenges to enter the job market through a one-year empowerment programme.

Training and work experience

The programme consists of an initial period of two months of computer training and coaching courses to enable the participants to feel more confident and goal-oriented. After this follows 10 months of work training for Telenor. The participants work in a variety of departments such as administration, accounting, helpdesk, support, management, surveillance and customer service.

Who can apply?

The Telenor Open Mind programme welcomes applications from people who have some form of physical disability, hearing or vision impairment or mental health related challenges. Qualifications may range from high school/A Level diplomas to degrees in higher education. The most important requirement is motivation and the desire to work. Potential candidates can apply through their local Telenor Open Mind office. Candidates outside the countries where the programme is offered are not allegeable to apply. Admissions to the programme take place 2 times per year.

What are the benefits?

All parties benefit from the programme:

  • The participants gain work experience and a chance to prove themselves
  • Telenor acquires motivated and qualified employees
  • Society benefits from having a larger tax-paying population

Telenor Open Mind recruits physically challenged people because we know they are an asset to the company.

“The reason why Telenor has these programmes is that we need to recruit from the entire population and in Telenor we want access to everyone, we want all the good thoughts, we need all the good minds working together with us” says President and CEO of Telenor, Sigve Brekke.

A globally expanding programme

The Norwegian-based programme has also been introduced in Sweden, Pakistan and Bulgaria. Telenor aims to bring Open Mind to all its Business Units in the near future.

Establishment/ Number of enrollees:

  • Norway: Since 1996
  • Sweden: Since 2007
  • Pakistan: Since 2013
  • Bulgaria: Since 2015

A model used by other companies

Telenor Open Mind is Norway’s largest work training programme integrating people with different work disabilities in regular working life (“Supported Employment”). The programme has received several awards for its efforts to bring people with physical challenges into permanent employment and has generated interest outside Telenor as well. Open Mind is already exchanging expertise and manpower with outside companies and has put together a training-kit for companies who wish to start similar programmes. We are pleased to participate in a broad effort to recruit people with physical challenge.

All Business Units consist of a one-year trainee programme. The Governmental Welfare and Administration funds the Telenor Open Mind in Norway and Sweden. The rest of the Business Units are self-funded.

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