Telenor’s Women Inspiration Network

In January 2016, Telenor announced the formation of Women Inspiration Networks (WIN). All BUs have now successfully established WIN networks, the purpose of which is to strengthen the leadership pipeline in Telenor and prepare more women for top management roles.

Telenor is committed to attracting and developing more women leaders and experts across the company because we believe that gender balance and diversity is a competitive advantage and creates shareholder value.

Based on this as well as clear signals from women within Telenor calling for an arena where they could meet with women leaders to interact, seek advice and grow professionally, the idea of a Women Inspiration Network was conceived.

In January 2016, Telenor Chair Gunn Wærsted, Group CEO Sigve Brekke, and other GEM members, announced the formation of WIN@Telenor (Women Inspiration Network). All the CEOs were given the responsibility for nominating local WIN leaders and implementing WIN networks in their business unit.

‘Successfully launched across our businesses

Since then all business units and Telenor ASA have successfully launched local WIN networks. WIN leaders have been appointed and the networks, including more than 200 women leaders at CXO -1 and -2, have been activated.

“We believe that diversity, in terms of competence, gender and cultural backgrounds leads to better organizational performance, fosters innovation and enables higher employee engagement. Our long-term goal is to reach 30 per cent women top leaders by 2020. WIN represents a significant step towards reaching this goal as it will help us to develop a strong leadership pipeline,” said Cecilie Heuch, EVP & Chief People Officer of Telenor Group.

How it works

The leaders of the local WIN networks are responsible for driving momentum and ensuring governance of their network in their business units and to run a recommended set of activities to drive value when organizing the network. In collaboration with local HR, they are responsible for identifying relevant talents to WIN and ensuring consistent selection criteria.

Based on best practice and inspiration from McKinsey, Facebook, Google and other global players, some of the network activities include addressing dilemmas and challenges for career growth, working actively with role models, developing skills for change and fostering understanding and conviction.


“I just took over as Grameenphone WIN lead a few weeks ago and I am proud and super excited to be given this opportunity. With Gender Diversity being declared as a top priority strategic project this year (Super Project), the women in Grameenphone need to really gear up, skill up and strive boldly to realize our full potential. I will try my best to ensure that WIN continues to be the platform that provides us with the inspiration and the resolution to go beyond”. – Nazrana Yusuf, WIN lead, Grameenphone”


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