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Wenche Agerup, EVP, General Counsel and Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

Working late on a Friday in 2008, Wenche Agerup suddenly looked up and found herself alone in the office. Outside, the sun beat down on the sparkling glass and chrome of the Perth, Australia skyline. The office seemed extraordinarily hot and quiet.

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Berit Kristensen, Telenor Global Wholesale’s Regional Head of Asia Pacific

As a young university student, Berit Kristensen stopped by a job center in Norway, looking for employment. She didn’t really know what she wanted to do, so when an accounting position in a local plumbing company opened up, she thought, “Why not?”

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Caroline Yin Yin Htay, CFO, Telenor Myanmar

Caroline Htay walked through the airport in Yangon, Myanmar with money tucked into her shoes. It was 1999, and she was preparing to board an airplane for the first time in her life.

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Berit Svendsen, EVP Scandinavia Cluster and CEO of Telenor Norway

Berit Svendsen likes to end her days in the pool. She pushes off the wall and swims, arms and legs churning the cool water. Fifteen-hundred meters three times a week. The familiar motion of it soothes her. Stress and tension disappear in her wake. She has been swimming all her life.

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Ruza Sabanovic, EVP and Head of Technologies and Services of Telenor Group

Ruza Sabanovic’s father built bridges in Montenegro. He passed away while Ruza was just a small child, forever cementing her desire to become a construction engineer just like him. Telecommunications was the last place she’d ever expected to end up.

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