Trainee Experience: Torstein Namtvedt Tuv

Education: MBA from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) in Business Analysis and Performance Management.

Trainee with: Svein Steffensen, Head of Sales for Small Medium Businesses in Telenor Norway Business

What was the most exciting project you worked on as a trainee in Telenor?

The most exciting project I worked on during my year as a trainee was the Telenor Norway Distribution Strategy towards 2025. It was almost by chance that I became involved with this project, but I was lucky enough to be given a lot of responsibility and assignments right from the start. My manager, colleagues and I were given the responsibility for developing Business’ proposals for this strategy.

This project was incredibly exciting. When working across all the divisions in Telenor Norway, we had to coordinate and collect information from the various departments in Business, and finally put all this together in a document for Telenor Norway’s strategy department. The project was educational in a number of ways. Since this was early on in the trainee year, I learned a huge amount about Telenor Norway Business, the direction we envisioned taking to enable us to develop the business in the future, and our focus areas. I also learned about how we want to improve inter-divisional cooperation and how a big company develops a strategy process.

What will you work with in Telenor, now that the training programme has finished?

I will be working as Advisor Omnichannel in Telenor Norway Business, which is in the Sales SMB department. I will also be continuing to work with a number of the assignments I was given as a trainee, which include different ways of reporting and performing analysis across our sales channels.