Trainee Experience: Sandra Hvidsten Azhary

Education: Degree of Master of Science in Business and Economics.

Trainee with: Mats Almgren, CMO Business of Telenor Sweden

What was the most exciting project you worked on as a trainee in Telenor?

I would say when I ran a project which was to implement CRM-streams to increase loyalty for our SME Business Customers as part of our Next-Best-Action engine (NBA). It helped me to understand the whole process from idea to execution when it comes to data, communication and development. I also got to take part of customer insights based on feedback from the activity.

What will you work with in Telenor, now that the training programme has finished?

I am working as a Retention and Upsell manager within Business Management. My main focus is anti-churn and retention activities towards our existing SME-customers, as well as to support our sales representatives with the right tools for them to be able to keep our customers.