Trainee Experience: Marius Heiberg

Education: MBA (Master in International Business with a secondary module in Social Entrepreneurship) from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

Trainee with: Ingjerd Blekeli Spiten, SVP Global Products in Telenor Group (first 6 months) and Svein Henning Kirkeng, EVP Products & Marketing in Telenor Group (last 6 months)

What was the most exciting project you worked on as a trainee in Telenor?

The most exciting project I had in the trainee period was being involved in the strategic development of WowBox, one of Telenor’s most successful digital products in Asia, with the ownership of the product being moved from Norway to the Emerging Asia cluster. It was a challenging process which involved a lot of people, varying perspectives and ambitions, as well as an analysis of markets which are hugely different from the Norwegian markets (Myanmar, Bangladesh and Pakistan). I learned a lot about the process involved in creating digital end-user services: how much testing and trial-and-error work is needed, and how important in-depth customer insight is to enable a service to work. I also learned a lot how a company handles internal changes in ownership.

What will you work with in Telenor, now that the training programme has finished?

I will be moving to Islamabad to become Engagement Manager in Telenor Pakistan for the Data & Distribution 2.0 project, a key project in Products & Marketing and one of Telenor’s biggest overall initiatives in terms of the personalisation and effective use of customer data to create comprehensive customer insight.