Trainee Experience: Lavinia Chrystal

Education: Master in International Management (CEMS/The University of Sydney)

Trainee with: Bjørn Ivar Moen, CMO in Telenor Norway

What was the most exciting project you worked on as a trainee in Telenor?

Halfway through the trainee year I was asked to take a three month assignment to cover the role of Head of Product and Business Development in Talkmore (the low-price operator in the Norwegian market). It was really exciting to be given the opportunity to join the management team and gain experience in the company’s decision-making processes.

A huge amount happened in a short time, because the Norwegian market is experiencing major changes. The most interesting project I was involved in was when I was responsible for the development and launching of our summer campaign. The result was increased customer satisfaction, which enabled us to maintain our position in the market in an important phase of the year. And of course it meant a lot of learning for me!

What will you work with in Telenor, now that the training programme has finished?

I have started as a service designer in Talkmore. Using data and customer insight, I am helping to develop and improve the customer experience, both for existing and new products.