Trainee Experience: Anton Kreicbergs

Education: Mechanical Engineering – Master in Innovation and Business, KTH, Stockholm

Trainee with: Ulrika Steg, CCO of Telenor Sweden

What was the most exciting project you worked on as a trainee in Telenor?

Quite early in the Trainee program I had the opportunity to explore the area of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) together with Anna Edding Heijde. We started with no previous knowledge of the area but with curiosity, willpower and greatly supportive colleagues and leaders we were able to learn and scale. We are now six people working with RPA, 4 of us full-time, and have achieved great results so far. We have also worked together with GSS Norway, GSS Pakistan, Telenor Norway and Telenor Denmark and shared learnings between BUs in this exciting area!

What will you work with in Telenor, now that the training programme has finished?

I am currently working as the Scrum Master for Team Awesomatics, also known as the Automated Support Squad. We are 9 people in total working towards an effortless Telenor. I am continuing to learn more within Robotics, but we are also exploring other automation initiatives, such as the area of Machine Learning. I am truly happy to be working within such exciting areas with amazing people and in a large-scale agile set-up!