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Telenor has a global footprint, connecting talent with opportunities across different markets. To stay close to the local talent, approaching and engaging them in the best way, we set only global directions, while our Business Units have their own local steps. (Please note that we recruit for executive roles on a global level and may follow different steps from those listed below).

Recruitment process

We adhere to the same key principles in the processes we use to find our future colleagues:

  1. We are committed to equal opportunity at every selection stage. We believe that diverse voices lead to more profound conversations, solutions and results.

  2. We hire people who are passionate about our Vision, motivated by our Mission and who strive to live up to our Values.

  3. We hire people for their talents and give them opportunities to shape their own careers. During the hiring process, we use competence-based interviewing techniques and ascertain the candidates’ skills.

  4. Your privacy is important to us. We will at all times process personal data in accordance with local privacy laws and regulations. This is based on voluntary, explicit and informed consent from you. For more details concerning privacy of your personal data, click here.

  5. Our ambition is that all candidates who get in touch with Telenor have a good experience, whether or not we sign a deal. We try to ensure this by following fair and transparent evaluation criteria, rational timelines and with frequent communications throughout the full process. We generally aim to close all positions within eight weeks of advertisement; however, this time frame varies greatly depending on the job profile, the number of applications and the location. If you apply to one of our positions, we might reach out to you with a survey to hear your feedback about your overall experience in the process.

The recruiter mentioned in the specific job advert can be contacted for job-related details or more specific information on local selection.

Behind the curtains

Before we post any career opportunity, we conduct a thorough job analysis, which allows us to match our strategic business ambitions to a certain set of skills. If we don’t find the right profile in-house, we look outside Telenor, publishing the vacancy for external talent. Sometimes we do the internal and external searches in parallel to save time. The job advert covers the job profile and allows you to choose the opportunity most aligned with your profile and career ambitions.


To hire the best talent, our jobs are posted on various channels. All applications are handled by our central recruitment system (an Application Tracking System powered by Workday), enabling us to maintain your application for future related openings while making it easier for you to apply to additional roles using your profile on our system. In some cases, your application may have been received as a referral from an internal employee or an external agency that recommends you for a specified position.


Certified recruiters review the applications received (we might also use automated pre-screening by our recruitment software) and create a shortlist of candidates for the hiring manager’s review. The key to making to this next round is that your profile fits the job description. We also focus on building a diverse team to create a dynamic mix of culture, background and experience. See here for details on our diversity and inclusion focus.

First interview

We typically invite the top five to 10 applicants to a first round of interviews, mostly done face-to-face with HR and the manager of the hiring unit. Phone and video interviews are also done in some cases. In this interview our goal is to understand your profile better as well as assess the fit with Telenor. You will also be able to ask questions related to the job and your potential new team. As a start, click here for a glimpse of our business strategy, which sets the tone for the interview questions.


Many positions will include a testing phase that is customised to the job role. You can expect various tests, from full-day assessment centres to take-home case studies or online psychometric tests (AON), depending on role requirements. You can refer here to review the values we test for.

Second interview

For further exploration, we often invite two to three shortlisted candidates to a second round of interviews, usually with a panel comprised of the hiring manager, HR and a stakeholder. In some cases, there can be further rounds of interviews, where future peers may also be involved.

Background and reference checks

As a responsible employer observing strict ethical norms, we may run background and reference checks to ensure our new colleagues have a strong record of high integrity and come with solid recommendations.

Final selection

We make our final selection based on consolidated feedback from all interviews, including the stakeholders, by carefully comparing the candidate profile, test and interview performance, reference checks, cultural fit with Telenor and the immediate job requirements. What we look for is someone who has a mindset to work “with” Telenor as opposed to “for” Telenor, someone who demonstrates strong business curiosity with a will to make a difference, backed by solid subject matter knowledge.

We usually give feedback on the selection decision to the candidates from the final interview round.

Offer and contracting

If you make it to the final stage, we will make you an official job offer, which you can accept on our central recruitment system. Your acceptance of this offer triggers the final contracting stage.


Based on a shared joining date, we will welcome you to the Telenor family and launch the start of your exciting new career. In the local business units we take you through everything else you need to know and will provide you with the tools, so you can start doing what you do best in an inspiring, hassle-free, innovative environment.

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