To grow as a company, we encourage employees to always further themselves through constantly learning and developing their skills. Telenor provides an online learning environment for all employees offering “Telenor Degrees” with best-in-class development programmes led by internationally recognised schools such as from Duke, Stanford, Google and more. A range of topics are now available ranging from new product development and design to applied analytics and digital marketing.

Hi, I am Jane Chua, an Implementation & Support Lead.



Why did you take this degree?

I was interested in acquiring new skills, more so in mobile app development and Java Programming. This course has provided me with sufficient technical ‘know-how’ and has proven to be quite helpful in my current role.


Hi, I am Ådne Gabrielsen, a Digital Business Analyst.



What have you learned from taking your degree?

Being that I am usually tasked with digital analysis and insights on a macrolevel, it was fascinating to deep-dive and learn how to set-up campaigns and familiarize myself with varying tools and their functionalities.

Hi, I am Fatima Kaneez, a Senior Marketing Expert.



How has the degree benefited you?

It has been key in making me understand the whole ecosystem and elements involved such as key metrics, how things work and processes.

Hi, I am Darryl Ma, Head of Profitability Assurance.



Why is it important to upskill yourself?

I believe that in this evolving marketplace, it is important to be diverse in your knowledge base especially being that company projects and initiatives are interdisciplinary/ interdepartmental in nature.

I am Jinha Kim, a Data Analyst.



How has the degree impacted the way you work?

It was quite fascinating to apply an algorithm that I learned in one of my courses to a work project consisting of analyzing a survey taken by Myanmar People, segmentation and how they think about privacy. From an analyst point of view, the courses have helped me in how I work and how I see and tackle problems.